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WAKE 'DAYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by WAKE 'DAYA


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WAKE 'DAYA Complete Document Written By Mom Islma



Shocked and desperate, Hanan knelt before Inna Meramu, pleading for her mercy. She implored, "By God's grace, Mother, be patient and help me. Don't cast me into this water where I could lose my life." Tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Moved by compassion and understanding the value of human life, Inna Meramu glanced out the window and made a difficult decision. She picked up Hanan and threw her into the river.

Distraught, Inna Meramu turned and rushed outside, screaming for help. She reached the door of the house and collapsed in front of Mr. Junaidu, saying, "It was my turn to watch over Hanan since morning." Malam Junaidu stood up, concerned, and said, "She didn't see me. I need to go to town to look for her." He hesitated and turned to Inna Meramu, asking, "But did you hear Halliru, the shopkeeper? He mentioned something about a rice-selling tractor."

Inna Meramu struggled to find words to defend herself before asking, "What do you mean?" Without waiting to hear her response, he rushed to town to search for Hanan.

On the road, everyone he encountered asked if he had seen Hanan, but they hadn't. He walked for a considerable distance without a trace of his daughter. Finally, he sat beneath a tree, wiping his sweat and muttering, "Where could this girl have gone? She usually doesn't stray far from home. God, show me where to find her."

Determined, he stood up and continued his search, growing more tired as the day went on. As evening fell, Liss returned home and found Aunt Meramu performing the evening ablution. Liss also took some bread with the intention of feeding the animals. However, as she entered, her actions were interrupted, and the bread was discarded carelessly.

Inna Meramu lifted her head from the stove and rushed over, leaning against the wall. She asked in alarm, "Liss, did you step on the children?" Panicked, Liss ran outside, screaming for help.

In no time, Halliru, the shopkeeper, heard the cries and rushed over, asking, "Inna Meramu, what's happening?" She raised her hand and shouted, "The teacher has fallen into the bathroom. Help him out!" Halliru entered the house and went to the bathroom to help.

With determination, he carried the teacher out, and Inna Meramu spread a mat to lay him on. Halliru inquired, "Who is this teacher?" as he looked at Inna Meramu. She responded, "Let's leave him. Let's accept what God has decreed for him. I won't seek treatment, but I'll tell you to call him."

Halliru replied, "I can't help if I'm too strong." Inna Meramu remarked, "Well, you're as strong as your father's younger brother." Halliru left without responding, irritated by the women's bickering.

Calmly, he reached the teacher's house and said, "It was Junaidu who fell into the bathroom. So, please, Son of God, come help him." The teacher hesitated, stating, "I don't want to enter this house, as our relationship with Meramu is strained." Halliru clasped his hands together as if in supplication and pleaded, "Son of God, please help him. Teacher, consider his condition."

The student teacher reluctantly agreed, saying, "Well, since God has deemed us capable, let's go." As they entered, they found Inna Meramu performing prayers and spitting towards the teacher. The teacher exclaimed, "Don't touch him again. Your spit is like poison from your mouth."

Amidst the confusion, Inna Meramu was unprepared to confront the teacher and blurted, "I don't understand. If you treat him and he recovers, why won't you thank God?" The teacher shook his head and began reciting verses from the Holy Quran to Mr. Junaidu. Frustrated, the teacher addressed Inna Meramu, saying, "Why don't we let him heal through Sharia? Why don't we mend our relationship?" Inna Meramu stood up, pointing at the teacher, and retorted, "Are you lying? Were you told he's recovering?" Halliru, who was still in the dark, asked, "Teacher, what's happening?"

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