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NARJEESAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by NARJEESAH


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NARJEESAH Complete Document Written By Nana Khadijatu



She stood over me, a heavy burden of suffering weighing on her. Relentless, she wouldn't spare me from any discomfort.

The woman persisted, "Even though you're alive, you've done nothing for me. My son informed me that I was born burdened. I am your father's wife, and it's my right to put you to work. Have you ever seen your father when he was alive?"

Masifar spoke up, expressing his own frustration, "Dear child of God, please look at my condition. My back is swollen, my hair hurts when I sit and stand."

Mamar chimed in, "Would you mind washing the laundry that's just a pile in your view? Get up and do my chores. Wash my two sheets and curtains, all filthy. And when you're done, put them away. I'm cooking today, so you'll need to be home before the kids return from school. Handle the household chores, as one should avoid evil and stay home, working off their sins. Don't play with your rewards and let your sins diminish!"

As her words pierced my heart with pain, she continued, "You're not even your father's true wife. It seems like I can't do anything. My stomach aches, and my back is in agony."

Mama's hands clapped, and her voice trembled as she spoke to my father, "God forbid, but it's a bit embarrassing to see you with that massive belly, with an unknown father. You must be thinking you're too proud and shameless to insult me. Look at the audacity in this house! Yaya, come and witness this insolence, insulting me. Don't let me tolerate this."

All the women in the house gathered, including my Umma, who understood that the drama revolved around me. She distanced herself, disinterested.

Mom announced, "I'm putting Narjeesah to work. She needs to contribute."

Inno intervened, "Narjeesah, you've been here all night, and I've noticed you were urinating. You're jeopardizing the peace the teacher worked years to build. We won't tolerate this disruption. Why would you insult the one who stands in a maternal role?"

I remained silent, listening as my body filled with turmoil and distress.

Umma continued, speaking with a smile, "You heard your mother, dear. She's just concerned that you're seen socializing. Our dear Larai, what she's insinuating is that she's worried you're misbehaving."

Feeling isolated, I rose, distancing myself from the gathering. With my heart heavy, I walked away, lifting my foot as I moved, until I reached the door of our room. I entered and lay down, consumed by anger toward the world.

Umma's voice resounded, "Oh dear Umma, shouldn't you talk to Narjeesah about her disrespect towards Larai? She's carrying a child and should be obedient to her. It's time to exercise restraint; she shouldn't give in to her body. She'll endure hardship during childbirth."

Inno interjected, "No, everyone knows how Umma treats her own children. Narjeesah's tongue is restrained around you; you won't hear her utter a disrespectful word. She doesn't regard Narjeesah as her daughter, as she claims to be the firstborn. Mariya and Nusaiba receive more affectionate treatment, except for Narjeesah. That's why Malam moved Narjeesah from her room to mine. However, her eyes quickly opened to Narjeesah's shameless misconduct and urination."

Umma remained silent, absorbing their words. She finally spoke, "Well, you should talk to her. By God, I thought you were referring to someone else."

Silence settled, everyone's gaze fixed on me. Umma found me in her room, panting as if I had run a race. She glanced at me, lifting her head, and advised, "Don't hold back your emotions, but control your actions. I don't appreciate you addressing me too frequently. I'm not saying you shouldn't help Narjeesah, but just be patient and address it later. I don't want to hear or see any rudeness directed at Larai."

Umma fell silent again, and I left the room, moving toward where I belonged.

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