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BABU SO Complete Hausa Novel Document by BABU SO


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Malaysia (Sabah) - The sound of crying grew louder and more intense, like a lament echoing through the air. I couldn't stand it any longer and entered the house, a place filled with all the comforts of life. It was a spacious room, but curiously empty. The silence raised questions in my mind: Where was this crying coming from? I began to search the room, but it wasn't the same as I remembered. My heart confirmed my suspicions when I heard crying from my room.

Climbing the stairs and entering the living room, my attention was immediately drawn there. A graceful woman with a flawless personality, reminiscent of Nigeria's vibrant colors, moved with poise and elegance, as if her entrance had been meticulously planned to enhance her presence. I hadn't realized she understood the Hausa language until I heard her call out "*Anam!*" in fluent Hausa. Her voice then lowered as she noticed Anam's absence.

"I am here! If you allow me to enter and confirm what you seek, your troubles will only escalate. You are a young woman who doesn't seem to value herself. What about someone who despises their own roots? Shed no tears, shed no blood. Return to Nigeria and live your life, even if you resent me. But, by God, you should return to your homeland; wander there."

The sound of another scream caught my attention, and I turned quickly to see a striking young black woman who bore little physical resemblance to the woman who had just spoken. In terms of physical appearance, she couldn't have been more than seventeen, but her intelligence and maturity defied her age. I couldn't determine just how many years had passed since I last saw her. She lacked height, with a small, delicate frame, unlike my sisters who were taller. Yet, she possessed undeniable beauty. Even though her eyes were swollen from crying and bore traces of pain, they remained captivating beneath her fine, glassy tears. Her eyebrows were well-arched, and her nose, though reminiscent of Bilyn Abdull's, was not quite the same (though some argued otherwise, but I hold no grudges). She was truly a creation of God. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks like an unstoppable river.

The distressed woman once again poured out her heart, saying, "Swallow back these tears before I come and silence you in this empty space."

She struggled to suppress her sobs, but her tears refused to be held back. With a trembling voice, she turned to the impeccable woman who resembled her. "Mamie, I repent to God and renounce everything I have with Abie."

"Whether you halt your journey or forge ahead, it will not change your circumstances. If you come to Nigeria, robbery is not an option because it will lead to something significant. You must return to your homeland, save there, and secure your future. The time you've borrowed from your parents will be brief," Mamie replied calmly.

The girl broke into tears again, her sobs growing louder. "I despise Nigeria—the heat, the mosquitoes, and the chaos. I regret saving up; I won't touch Nigeria's way of life. It's causing me so much distress thinking about work, savings, and spending. Please, Mamie..."

Mamie was interrupted as she moved away to another spot. In frustration, she turned to me and said, "Go call the driver and take her to the repair shop. Abie said you should hurry; time waits for no one."

The girl burst into tears again, mentioning Abie and Mamie, and how they were both gone. She didn't want to return to Nigeria because she suffered immensely from the heat and mosquito infestations. Her parents were staying with her uncle due to issues with her father's wife, who mistreated her. She had even been assaulted in their house. She despised her half-brother, who displayed terrible behavior, including violence toward his mother. She hated seeing him and did her best to avoid him whenever he visited Malaysia. She ran away and returned the morning after his stay. Until he left, she made sure they never met. They had only met three times in her life. Their first encounter was disastrous, and she had accidentally broken a glass in his house, leading to him mistreating her. The second time, at Aysha's younger sister's birthday party, was equally unpleasant. All these memories left her with a deep resentment and an inability to forget.

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