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BA MAHAUKACI BANE Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BA MAHAUKACI BANE Book 1


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BA MAHAUKACI BANE Book 1 Complete Document Written By Binta Umar


SALGA BRIDGE stands as an independent neighborhood adjacent to Kurmi Market, an ancient market with a rich history in Kano State.

Within this community, there are houses, and among them, dwell some individuals who have been relegated to the status of slaves. In one corner, a young woman, approximately nineteen to twenty years old, sat on a chair, surrounded by a heap of laundry. She diligently washed and turned the clothes in a large basket, displaying both strength and speed in her work.

Suddenly, without warning, Saliha, the young woman, heard a shout that caught her attention. Startled, she turned around, causing the plate in her hand to fall to the floor. Her mother stood before her, eyes bright with a hint of tears, expressing disappointment. With a controlled demeanor, she questioned, "Saliha, what is going on?"

Defiantly, Saliha responded, "Oh, if I don't do this, you won't pay any attention. How long should I keep bothering myself, calling your name and shouting? It seems shouting is the only way to get through to you with those blocked ears of yours!"

Shaking her head, Saliha continued to wash the laundry in front of her. Annoyed, her mother exclaimed, "Shahida, you're impossible! I spoke to you, and you ignored me. I'm going to report to the person who sent me to call you."

With a snort, Saliha wiped the sweat from her forehead, seemingly indifferent. She retorted, "I'm just watching you wash."

Growing frustrated, her mother scolded, "Then leave the washing and come when you're called!"

Reluctantly, Saliha set down the saucer and gestured for her mother to lead the way. They proceeded, with Saliha cautiously following behind, covering her back.

In another part of the community, Baba Asabe sat in the middle of a tent, seasoning some items with salt. Saliha bid farewell and entered her mother's room, squatting respectfully. She addressed her father, "Father, Saliha is here as you called."

Setting aside the bag of salt, Baba Asabe reached for the money bag and indicated, "You need to go to the hospital and get me the ointment. She's been searching for it since last year." Observing her mouth, he realized she was covering it while speaking softly. Saliha, who had partial hearing, relied on lip-reading for better understanding.

"I haven't finished washing the dishes," she responded.

"Keep it for later. Finish it when you return," he suggested.

"Okay," she replied with a serious expression. As she lay down with her phone, her mother went inside to retrieve the hijab. Saliha, following her routine, shook her head and donned the hijab before heading to the hall.

Her father reminded her, "A gallon of peanut oil costs forty-four thousand. Call Garba before you arrive and confirm the order. He should arrange everything."

"Okay, Dad. I'll be careful with the money, especially on a busy day like Friday," she assured.

Walking calmly, Saliha made her way to the road and crossed, observing a man beneath an old car surrounded by belongings. His body, tightly wrapped in winter clothing, revealed signs of distress. Filled with compassion, Saliha wished she could assist him, but she continued on her way.

Suddenly, the sound of children shouting diverted her attention. A group of kids was taunting a man, calling him names and accusing him of being a thief. The man, sitting and smiling despite the harassment, faced the verbal abuse without attempting to protect himself.

Saliha was disheartened to see adults passing by without reprimanding the children for their actions. Driven by anger, she crossed the road determinedly, scolding the children and trying to chase them away. However, they mocked her, questioning her ability to hear and likening her to a monkey.

Undeterred, Saliha raised her voice in a measured tone, warning them, "She is deaf, and that's how God created her. Show some kindness."

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