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AUREN KWANGILA Complete Hausa Novel Document by AUREN KWANGILA


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Author: Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori ,

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AUREN KWANGILA Complete Document Written By Sumayya Abdulkadir


Title: "Contract Marriage - Part 1: The Dakata Residence"

January 1996

In the heart of Asokoro, Abuja, stood a modern and beautiful one-story house, a metaphor of technological advancement. The house, owned by Professor Dr. Hamza Dakata, the permanent secretary of the president's office in 1996, boasted a unique design with brown roofing and milk and brown-colored walls adorned with vibrant flowers.

The house had a special section for guest rooms on the right, welcoming relatives from Kanon Dabo. Colorful flowers surrounded the building, creating a fragrant and picturesque environment. The grass carpet in the courtyard added a touch of comfort, making the Dakata family feel truly at home.

Hajiya Maryam Hamza Dakata, the lady of the house, sat in the living room amidst colorful chairs, each set matching the carpet's color. Her beauty was captivating, belying the fact that she was a mother of four boys, all seemingly taller and wiser than their years.

The eldest, Abdul'azeez, known as Yaya Azeez, was thirteen, followed by Isma'el and his two younger brothers, Ishma and Usman, aged nine and seven, respectively. The youngest, Haleem, at three, was not yet ready for school.

As the evening progressed, Hajiya Maryam anxiously waited for her husband's return, glancing at the clock on the wall. The absence of Professor Dr. Hamza Dakata raised concern, especially when he failed to answer his wife's calls.

Usman, the seven-year-old, inquired about his father's whereabouts, expressing concern over the late hour. Hajiya Maryam attempted to call her husband repeatedly, growing more anxious with each unanswered call.

Just as the worry started to mount, the living room door opened, revealing their employer, Jamila. Polite and courteous, she informed Hajiya Maryam that dinner was ready. However, her demeanor suggested something more.

Jamila knelt before her mistress, bowing her head, and revealed the reason for her solemnity. Tearfully, she explained that she had come to bid farewell. The news shocked Hajiya Maryam, who held a special fondness for Jamila, appreciating her intelligence, cleanliness, and politeness.

Jamila expressed gratitude for the three years they had spent together since she was found in Kura village. Despite working with various individuals, Jamila had never formed a connection like the one she had with the Dakata family. Overwhelmed with emotion, Hajiya Maryam struggled to comprehend the sudden departure of a valued member of their household.

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