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SAKAYYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by SAKAYYA


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Author: Aisha Ali Garkuwa ,

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SAKAYYA  Complete Document Written By Aisha Ali Garkuwa


She gracefully made her way to her room, radiating a sense of peace and tranquility. Despite the distance separating her from her grandson Modibbo, the mention of God in their household kept them enveloped in peace and serenity.

As she adjusted her clothes, she reflected on the beauty of the night. The gentle breeze that caressed her body brought with it a sense of calm, peace, and happiness. She closed her eyes, opening them slowly, taking in the serene surroundings.

Turning to the west, she observed the moon, already shining brightly in the night sky. It was the eleventh day, and the clock read half-past two. Her gaze then shifted to the east, where Modibbo resided. Some young women could be seen looking towards the house of Awanya.

The construction of the house, known as Ƙaton, was unique, even compared to European countries. It boasted ample space, starting from the gate with a vast field that could accommodate six cars. The gate led to a courtyard surrounded by palm trees and two mango trees, with a narrow road on the right side.

A wall separated the courtyard from the interior, with a straight gate allowing car passage. Within the fortress, there were beautiful flowers and trees, creating a picturesque scene. A narrow road on the right led to a field where two cars could be parked.

The house had a unique structure, with a hilly building on one side and a great balcony with steps leading up. White silver ornaments adorned the balcony, accompanied by pots of ƙasane and ƙamshi plants.

Climbing to the top of the balcony revealed a breathtaking view of the sea of Gembilan and a well-kept garden. The living room, dining area, and kitchen followed, all impeccably arranged with a touch of sky blue accents.

The corridor on either side led to bedrooms, each surrounded by flowers. Even the hall was adorned with flowers, showcasing the owner's love for nature. The large window panes allowed a view of the beach.

A path on the left side led to another part of the house, where É—aki É—aya, the grandmother, resided. The kitchen featured a traditional design, and a bathroom was constructed based on her preferences. The area was surrounded by plants, and a traditional tent with chairs and a table added to the charm. Despite the modern elements, the traditional touch was preserved, reflecting the harmony between Modibbo and his grandmother.

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