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A WANI GIDA Complete Hausa Novel Document by A WANI GIDA


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Author: Khadija S Saminu ,

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A WANI GIDA Complete Document Written By Khadija S Saminu



"Hey!... I often find myself searching for happiness in life, but it seems elusive. I wonder, am I truly happy?"

Hajiya NAFI mused to herself, a person who, when not occupied with others, seemed like an entirely different individual.

"Hajiya! Hajiya!!" A call rang in her ears, and she turned to see who was calling.

"Tsssummmmm, what brings you here with such urgency? Is it because of my current situation that you approach me with such concern?"

"No, it's not like that..."

"What's with the dark look, then? What else could it be? HAFSA, don't play games; I've been paying attention to your demeanor from the beginning. We've nearly lost my patience with your secrecy."

Hajiya halted and scanned the room.

"By the power of God! I can sense the sign that I'll stand up in this house. If you don't know, then understand it, Hajiya. I won't take this lying down." Hafsa declared, leaving the room.

"May God help us! Indeed, I see a sign that I'll leave if you don't know. Then I see another sign that Hajiya will stand her ground, and that is not something I will take lightly." Hajiya said, moving away.


"In LUBA's pleasure, you never seem to grasp the lesson when it's given, acting like someone who lies to a king."

"Oh, HABI, why don't you understand my loneliness? Every time I'm with someone, I feel compelled to guard my thoughts."

Luba responded to Habi.

"Peace be upon you!"

"And upon you be peace."

When they exchanged greetings, Luba quickly helped her and said, "Lale, Lale, my child, come and say LARAI, she'll give you your food."

"Mama Tom."

The boy replied, leaving without acknowledging Habi, who sat there.

"Luba, this boy is growing up so quickly, isn't he, Haneef?"

"Yes, indeed. Let it be, Habi. Honestly, I'm starting to get worried. It feels like he's lying, a nine-year-old boy acting like he's fifteen or older?"

"Habi Daman, did you come here just to be foolish? Do you not care about that witch? I am not happy about your presence here, Haneef. I can sacrifice my life for this."

She said, directing her to leave.

Aikam gave them a kiss and left the room, eyeing her suspiciously.

????????‍♀️"Wow, I'm Luba. What will happen to me? The situation with these children is also worrisome. I always foresee what the future holds. I have to return to QAURA."

She patted her head and bit her lip.


"By God, KULU, I'm afraid to go in and see how everything is crumbling before me."

"Oh, HAFSA, what's there to fear inside? I am not scared. I will tell you why you saw me. I am a headstrong woman. No one can stop me. When I enter, I won't come to my senses until I've told my tale."

**KULU! KULU! KULU!!!** The call resonated. Kira touched her ear, turned around, and saw Abba looking at her suspiciously. She glanced back and noticed Hafsa had fled.

"Goodbye and welcome back."

Abba raised his hand, offering his greeting. "Kulu tinba, my dear. I've observed that people from this house haven't visited recently. I separated from you because of something I did, but now, I want you to share your secret with me. I swear, even if it's a joke, dare you step into that room, I'll curse you, curse my children, and I know that if someone does this, I'll leave you..." ✍️

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