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ZA KI SAN KO NI WAYE Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZA KI SAN KO NI WAYE


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Author: Zuwairat Ummu Maryam ,

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ZA KI SAN KO NI WAYE Complete Document Written By Zuwairat Ummu Maryam



Praise be to Allah. O Lord, accept our prayers. Wishing a joyful prayer to all fellow Muslims.

Please refrain from transforming this novel into a document without obtaining my consent.

Within an expansive living room, its dimensions spanning 100 by 100, a woman is seated. The room's opulence is a testimony to grandeur, akin to that of the wealthy elite. The young woman maintains her posture, avoiding any signs that this is not her abode; it's as though she anticipates the owner's return. Adorning herself in intricate English designer attire, she exudes an air of elegance and intelligence.

After approximately 30 minutes, the door swung open, revealing a beautiful girl who garnered the seated woman's gaze. The one on the floor pointed her finger towards the newcomer and remarked, "Did you hear me, or did my words fall on deaf ears?" The individual addressed as Mimi burst into laughter before retorting, "Whose father are you to raise a finger at me? Or have you forgotten where I hail from, since my father isn't under the jurisdiction of EFCC? You useless woman."

"Your sister, I'm your wife. How many times must I ask you to sever ties with Slim..." But her words were interrupted by a slap, "You're so audacious as to separate me from Slim... Whose protector are you tailing?... Everyone knows that the high-profile figures in Abuja are the only ones surrounded by them... for protection," and the heated exchange continued.

For over five minutes, they exchanged blows while hurling insults at each other. I couldn't fathom why this gentleman and his attractive daughter were fighting so vehemently. Fina grabbed Mimi's hair in an attempt to pull her away, but the weave came undone. Mimi spun around, removing her designer shoes and lunging at Fina. In response, Fina also discarded her shoes and, catching my eye, turned away. She located some glass decorations on the dining table, causing them to shatter as they hit the ground. Yet, they disregarded the damage and continued to grapple. Fina declared, "By God, Slim must return today... He has to choose between us."

Mimi, holding more of her own hair, tried to counter with her Brazilian weave, stating, "Kindly return my weave, for her resources exceed your capability." "I'm uncertain... Remain like that until Slim returns and encounters your hair helmet." Mimi, too, seemed to have sorted her extra hair. At that moment, Slim himself arrived. Both women possessed hair extensions, yet they looked splendid. They flaunted Brazilian hair weaves, each costing 600k. Their hair was their unique expression.

At the house's entrance, a grand gate opened, allowing three Bentley cars to enter. They proceeded to the parking area, their parking maneuvers swift. From the front car emerged three men, accompanied by two more from the subsequent vehicle. They then circled back to the middle car, one of them gradually raising its hood. A figure emerged, and I found myself uttering, "Wooooow." The realization dawned on me that it wouldn't be sinful for me to adore his presence; a man like him radiates innate righteousness. He shed an expensive suit, revealing an elegant attire underneath. Slowly, he extended his hand to receive a briefcase held by one of his guards, his teeth flashing in a smile. I believe I've never witnessed such splendor in a person; every facet of him is captivating.

"Alhajis, thank you," his voice resonated. My "wooow" only intensified, captivated by the soothing timbre. The men returned his smile, and he pivoted, commencing his stride. His gaze fell upon a Range Rover Sport alongside a Hummer, prompting him to shift gears and observe their owners. The estate encompassed an entire hectare, with sizable flats scattered about. However, the most extensive one stood apart, and the men veered towards a distinct area.

Approaching the living room door, he swung it open, stepping inside. As they groomed their hair, they noticed him, transfixed by his imposing presence. "You're a big burouban!!!" The youthful man's anger was palpable; his mannerisms instilled fear, causing everyone within earshot to shudder. He continued unabated, "Who dared permit you two into my residence?" Silence enveloped them both. Mimi eventually spoke, her voice low, "Slim, are you labeling me a two-timer?" Angrily, he retorted, "Ah, I'm no sugar, I'm with your mother... I asked, 'Whose father unlocked my apartment for you?'" "Habibi, welcome," he addressed her with a smile. "I'm coming to your father's house? Useless, sibling of thieves," she directed toward me. "Is that aimed at me?" He shook his head, asserting, "I'm a friend of your father's... You neglected to inform me that your father gave you entry rights before his demise, my boys. Are you the ones who brought forth life?" Fina interjected, "I was the one who unlocked it." "Who leaked my password?" He bellowed at her. "Last weekend, during your birthday, I memorized the passwords... I'm not clever."

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