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YAN MADIGO Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAN MADIGO


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Author: Oum Aphnan ,

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YAN MADIGO Complete Document Written By Oum Aphnan


Hamma Badrah, her slender frame draped in disheveled hair without a band, pulled herself up from the bed in the worn-out room. Her eyes, still heavy with sleep, blinked at the persistent ringing of the telephone attached to the room's wall.

Grrrrrrr ☎️ The phone demanded attention once more, disrupting her half-hearted attempts at greetings. Cuno Baki, barely able to open her eyes, cast a glance at the broken clock on the wall.

With a melodious voice, she grumbled, "Daddy wants to kill me with fitina. Abegi, it's just 10 am; the breakfast can wait, but sleep? I can't skip it, or I'll end up with a headache..."

Her complaints in a blend of English reminiscent of Black Americans were interrupted by a knock on the table signaling a visitor. In walked a beautiful woman in her forties, draped in a long black abaya.

"Good morning, little angel," she greeted.

Turo Baki Badrah turned her face away. "I know Daddy sent you. Go straight to the point. He said, 'Come and let's have breakfast.' Anty, why don't you eat in this country? Oh, I understand, you are hanging my picture in front of the table as a remembrance. There is the daughter of President AY Ahmed among you. Oh, now, I want to sleep. Yesterday, I spent all night chatting with my friends, and now I want to take revenge without attitude. Early morning, the sound of the government house logo woke me up. I struggled a lot before I could go back to sleep here, and now Daddy is calling. Oh, now, this is injustice!"

Kyam Hajiya Junainah lay on the floor, absorbing all the troubles until she pulled herself back into the blanket. "Tell him I'm sleeping."

"It's not the call of your family; it's the call of your Lord. Did you pray first? Badrah, if I'm not lying, since you came to this country, you didn't pray. But you're not a party member; you're flexing to see the president's daughter! Is it said that Mulki is crazy?"

Dudulo's big eyes widened. "Oh, you're going to lie to me? Wait, our room is the same; you say I don't pray? Abeg, move, go! Don't spoil my mood when I wake up....mtseww."

She took a slow breath. "Badrah, I hope you will be guided," and she turned around in sadness, leaving the room.

"Send that your ugly housegirl with hot chocolate tea for me."

"Bullying is not good; the God who created you as a rich and powerful girl created them under us...asbir and the world!"

Even after she left, Badrah remarked, "It's only Bagidajiya, what brought her to Villa oho! Daddy Sam Bad luck for women. This so-called first lady...hannnnn????."

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