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JUHUD Complete Hausa Novel Document by JUHUD


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JUHUD Hausa Novel Document by Oum Hairan

JUHUD, written by Oum Hairan, is a powerful and poignant Hausa novel that explores the complexities of life and the role of destiny in shaping our paths. The book tells the story of individuals whose lives are intertwined in ways that they cannot predict or control, highlighting the importance of accepting and embracing what comes our way.

Description of JUHUD Hausa Novel

At the heart of JUHUD is the idea that destiny is a force that cannot be predicted or controlled. No matter how much we plan or try to shape our lives, there are always unforeseeable events and circumstances that can change our paths in an instant. The novel explores this idea through a series of interconnected stories that follow the lives of various characters as they navigate the challenges and joys of life.

The novel is filled with rich and vivid descriptions of daily life in Nigeria, from bustling markets to quiet village streets. Oum Hairan expertly captures the sights, sounds, and smells of everyday life, immersing readers in the world of her characters.

At the heart of the novel is the theme of acceptance and gratitude. The characters in JUHUD are not defined by their circumstances, but rather by how they respond to them. Whether faced with tragedy or joy, they embrace their destiny and give thanks for the blessings that come their way. Through their experiences, the novel inspires readers to embrace their own lives with a sense of acceptance and gratitude, no matter what challenges they may face.

JUHUD is also a deeply personal work for Oum Hairan, as she draws on her own life experiences to craft the stories of her characters. As she notes in the book's introduction, "There are many different things that happen in real life that are very close to each other in my life." This personal connection is evident in the novel's emotional depth and honesty, which make it a powerful and moving read.

JUHUD is a beautiful and thought-provoking novel that explores the complexities of life and the role of destiny in shaping our paths. With its rich descriptions of daily life in Nigeria, inspiring themes of acceptance and gratitude, and deeply personal perspective, it is a book that will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.


In the remote village of Bafula, life was not always easy for the young women who called it home. Among them was a sixteen-year-old girl, carrying a heavy jug of water and walking briskly towards her family's house. Her mind was consumed with worries and her heart was heavy with the burden of what she had left behind. The journey was long, a two-kilometer trek from the town to their humble abode, and she was struggling to catch her breath. Finally, she sat on the ground, exhausted like a camel, and poured herself a cup of water. Despite the hardship, she smiled, grateful to have found some water after a difficult day in Burtsatsen.

But her brief moment of respite was interrupted by a man who came charging towards her, shouting in Fulani language about her father's cow and some impending loss. He hit her hard, leaving her bruised and crying for help. Her heart shattered, and she ran towards her hut, seeking refuge with her family. However, the man wouldn't let her go until he had exacted his revenge, leaving her feeling helpless and alone.

As she cried in her mother's arms, the old woman could feel her pain and sorrow. She knew all too well the struggles of life in Bafula, where their people were not loved by their neighbors, the Baffa Ribadu and Baffa Bangel. It seemed that only Innatu's family was living happily and peacefully in Rugar Wand'u, while they suffered in silence.

But Innatu had her own share of struggles, having been forced into a life of servitude by her husband. She tried to console her daughter, Juhud, telling her that everything had a beginning and an end, and that they must make the best of the situation they found themselves in. Life was not always fair, but they had to persevere.

As Juhud went about her chores, she caught the eye of Hammah Manga, a young man who had his own aspirations and dreams. He urged her to finish school and meet him at the fence, promising to make her smile and forget her troubles. She hesitated, unsure of what lay ahead, but deep down, she knew that life had more in store for her. She took a deep breath and headed towards the narrow road, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

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