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NI DA YAYA SADAM Complete Hausa Novel Document by NI DA YAYA SADAM


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Author: Binta Umar Abbale ,

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NI DA YAYA SADAM Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


In the state of Jigawa, there exists a quaint private town named Dabi. This locale, home to the Fulani Usul community, captivates visitors with its beauty and a population mostly comprising closely-knit relatives. While the town presents a civilized facade, occasional incidents reveal a different side, especially when its residents venture outside, behaving as if transported to Saudi Arabia, particularly in the city of Kano.

The narrator, having entered a "big" door, finds themselves amidst numerous doors with people inside. A young woman rushes out, seemingly angry, wearing military-style shoes. The narrator hides behind a bed until the woman passes, then cautiously follows her.

Observing the door from which the girl emerged, the narrator closes the distance to witness an encounter with "Kal Uwar daka." The woman is busy fixing an oil lamp, complaining about someone named Mark, suggesting they might break a light bulb. Amid laughter, she recounts an incident involving a person named Sayyada, emphasizing the need for punishment.

Marka, another individual present, joins the conversation, laughing at Sayyada's supposed antics. The narrative is interrupted by cries from the attic, where Sayyada is heard lamenting. Baba Ladidi, a key figure, advises letting Sayyada run for a while before intervening. However, the scene shifts abruptly when Sayyada enters, prompting Baba Ladidi to scold her.

Marka greets the newcomer, and a mat is spread for them. The newcomer removes their shoes and engages in a conversation with Father Marka. Sayyada, meanwhile, sits at Baba Ladidi's feet, expressing regret and seeking forgiveness.

Unexpectedly, anger erupts as Baba Ladidi uses his belt to discipline Sayyada, leaving those present shocked. Baba Marka seems complicit, and Sayyada attempts to escape. Baba Ladidi condemns the act, questioning the reason behind such harsh punishment and suggesting leaving the town for another. The narrative leaves an air of tension and unanswered questions.

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