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NI DA YARINYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by NI DA YARINYA


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Author: Zainab Habib Mom Islam ,

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NI DA YARINYA Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



I spotted a girl around fourteen years old, seated at an old woman's doorway, swinging her leg. Preoccupied with work and delegating tasks, I'm about to dress up and leave." The elderly woman covered her mouth and whispered, "You don't want me to suffer, I should send your father instead, shouldn't I? Please pass it on, I know."

The broom by the door nudged Ramu, and she exclaimed, "It's like Dije, you lack respect." The old woman rushed to Ramu, tripped on a stone, and stumbled. Ramu stood, waiting for the old woman, who had fallen, to approach her. Seeing her struggling, Ramu stopped. She chuckled, saying, "I'm not responsible for you, not even for clapping." The elderly lady crawled to her feet, stood, and retorted, "You slapped Dije."

Continuing on, Ramu encountered a young man seemingly lost in thought. He turned his gaze towards her and questioned, "Are you speaking to me that way?" Observing his downward gaze, an indication of his inebriation, he muttered, "They say he's a drunkard." The old woman adjusted her course, returning to the elderly woman's home. She rushed inside, exclaiming, "Old woman, help me, he'll harm you. He's following me, he'll hurt you," she added while crossing her bed. Ramu's pee splattered her pants, her legs danced, and she yelled. A simpleton seized her, asking, "Are you insulting my father?" He smacked her mouth, retorting, "Who's the father?" His slap was gentle as he cupped her face, uttering, "God is enough." Gazing at her, he questioned, "Who's your father?" She reprimanded him, saying, "Go see for yourself." A knock sounded as the door opened; he darted into the room, declaring, "You're cursing, close your mouth, I'll teach you a lesson." I kept silent," the old woman interjected, covering her mouth. The man who had the ball said, "Don't look at me." Ramu quickly lowered her gaze, and he remarked, "I heard you cough, and I slapped your mouth." Ramu, at the door, heard their quarrel, burst into laughter, and exclaimed, "Today's got some juicy gossip on the menu," before departing.

Stepping out, he halted in the courtyard and threatened, "If I catch your granddaughter, I'll give her a beating and a bite." The old woman rolled her eyes and stumbled off, resembling a tipsy wanderer.

I overheard the elderly woman sighing, wrestling with her thoughts, and muttering, "That girl is a handful. She provoked me with outrageous stories about a monster's rear end. Now that I'm heading towards three, I should at least be cautious." She wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

Ever since Ramu had embarked on her teasing spree, no one was safe from her taunts, regardless of who they were. It didn't take long before she circled back, spotting the girl. She burst into laughter, teasing, "Waiting for your boyfriend?" The girl retorted, "He's not mine, but he could be yours." The girl scurried off, swearing at Ramu, who responded by biting her finger in annoyance. Frustrated, the girl lamented, "Why didn't my baby come to save me? She could have supported me or even exposed me." As she spoke, Sharon's car, with tinted windows, pulled up beside her. Sharon's girlfriend called, "Baby, have you arrived?" Sharon smiled, replying, "I thought I'd wronged you by not coming out early." The girlfriend concurred, and Sharon popped the hood of the car, slowly climbing out. He greeted her and playfully addressed her as the "queen of women." Meanwhile, Ramu slowly approached with a fish in hand and stealthily deflated the car's tire, disappearing quickly where she couldn't be seen.

The young man affectionately proclaimed, "Saudat, I love you deeply. I wonder if you comprehend the intensity of my feelings?" Thrilled by his words, she held his hand, and he opened the car hood. She slipped into the car, and he took the driver's seat, starting the engine. However, they were in for a surprise when the engine failed to start. Alarmed, they opened the hood, discovering that the car's tire had been stolen. Looking at Saudat, he explained, "The car's tire has been stolen. It seems we'll have to manage without it. Don't you think?"

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