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NAMIJIN DUNIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAMIJIN DUNIYA


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NAMIJIN DUNIYA Complete Document Written By Fenerh


The scene unfolds in the bustling campus of WTC Tanbuwal, the largest girls' school in Sokoto State, located in the middle range. The girls are adorned in their school uniforms, but the focus is on three particularly beautiful girls engaging in conversation.

Amrah, one of the girls, expresses concern about not being picked up on a supposed holiday. Nimrah interrupts with excitement, revealing that their friend NAZIR is returning after nearly five years. She praises him, depicting him as a mischievous man who speaks his mind and is better than everyone else.

Nimrah, seemingly uninterested, remains composed and dismisses the idea of meeting NAZIR again. The discussion turns to the challenges of finding transportation in Gyada. The girls quickly prepare to leave as their house's car approaches, with Idi the driver apologizing for the delay due to his parents' holdup.

Amrah, sensitive to pain, takes off her hijab and leans against the car, preparing to sleep during the journey. The group travels for about an hour and enters the city of Shehun. As they approach the house, Farha Tabiyo instructs them to wake up as they have arrived.

Upon reaching the entrance, they notice two new cars and wonder about their owners. Farha Tabiyo suggests going to the inn to buy some delicious jollof rice, but Nimrah refuses, citing her intention to stay with Mami after what seems like a long time. Farha and Nimrah proceed towards the house, creating a commotion among their sisters.

Suci, in charge of cleaning the room, eagerly awaits their arrival, expressing her happiness with their presence. However, their grandmother, aware of the chaos, thunders at them and instructs them to leave for Yar tsere's water. Hajjo, overhearing the commotion, scolds the girls for using their phones excessively, and the scene ends with the girls leaving the room under their grandmother's stern gaze.

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