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SAHLA A PARIS Complete Hausa Novel Document by SAHLA A PARIS


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SAHLA A PARIS Complete Document Written By Azizat Hamza


Every Sunday, our household hosts a family meeting, a tradition distinct from the general family gatherings organized by the late Alhaji Muhammadu Ubandoma, our grandfather. These gatherings bring together all members of the Ubandoma family, regardless of gender, four times a year to discuss various matters.

Hajiya Kaka, on the other hand, arranges additional meetings for her children whenever noteworthy events occur, be they positive or negative experiences involving Hajiya Sadiyya's children. Despite Hajiya Sadiyya's recent passing, Hajiya Kaka harbors lingering jealousy, evident in her continued organization of these gatherings.

As is customary, the preparations for today's meetings are underway, with my mother taking charge of the kitchen. Everyone in the house, upon waking up, gravitates towards the kitchen to contribute to the preparations. The meetings extend from ten in the morning until seven in the evening, requiring the presence of those listed as contributors by seven o'clock sharp.

In our household, punctuality is non-negotiable. A humorous adage underscores the importance of finishing breakfast before seven, emphasizing the consequences a tardy child might face if school attendance is compromised. Such tardiness would warrant an explanation at the upcoming family meeting.

Though I joined the kitchen staff, my timing was off, and the tasks were nearly completed upon my arrival. Anty Firdausi playfully suggested that men should leave the kitchen to the women, attributing my late entrance to masculine tendencies. I defended myself, mentioning that Hajiya, our grandmother, permitted me to work in her room.

My mother, engrossed in frying meat, chided me with a threat, urging me to contribute or face consequences. Anxiously, I asked what needed to be done, only for my mother to clarify that it was a jest. Nevertheless, I felt the sting of insult, and tears welled up in my eyes, unable to bear being scolded by my mother, even in jest.

In an effort to calm my emotions, I retreated until assured my mother's temper had subsided. When I returned with the requested items, Anty Firdausi was busy assisting Safiyya and Nasiba with their jewelry, struggling to connect a ring to an ear.

The narrative shifts to an exploration of the art of meat pilfering. Three skills are highlighted: entering the kitchen stealthily, opening and closing pots without detection, and managing shame if caught red-handed. While others in the household have mastered these skills, the narrator refrains from engaging in such activities.

As the day progresses, the household prepares for the family meeting. Hajiya Kaka's meticulousness with the meat distribution process becomes a source of contention, especially with Anty Rafee'ah, known for her fairness in sharing. Despite the familial dynamics, the narrator expresses a personal desire to indulge in Hajiya Kaka's food, particularly as financial constraints affect Anty Rafee'ah's culinary offerings.

With the kitchen locked, everyone readies themselves for the meeting. As the narrator contemplates indulging in the food, the story leaves an open end, suggesting a potential decision to forgo participation in the gathering.

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Ya sanyi don ?aukar novel dan Allah


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Domin downloading novel na mu dole fa sai kayi subs da mu

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