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MIJIN MAGE Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MIJIN MAGE Book 1


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Author: Khadija Kanwar Soja ,

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MIJIN MAGE Complete Document Written By Narnah Kanwar Soja



The object of devotion stretched the hours of the day,
The object of veneration grew in size and radiance,
In the realm where men's fathers stand,
White in purity of intentions,
A heart as pure as snow, a steed as white,
A monolithic pillar, challenging all who approach and causing their fall,
Perils akin to that of intoxication,
"Peace be upon you, peace be upon you,"
Lapiya, the regal scion, the grandson of kings!

Danger lurks ahead where you reside,
Even if you challenge all, defeat shall befall you!

Aganka, the prince in waiting, the heir apparent, venture to Lapia and Lapia...

All other calls pale before his summons.

Should you vow as a Jew,
Some would rather wield leather whips,
Here, Nan babo's visage, a symbol of mirth or convalescence.
(Even when my eyes beheld the chaos, and the woman who chose the whip that I snapped – despite Nimah being a soldier's sibling).

Don't miss the chance to capture the wild for those who seek the hunt.

Aman Alas, you await the son of Adam who shall bring Prince Hari, his soul the quarry.

Amidst the world's men, tradition brings forth lovely women adorned in unique attire – hats, dresses, and ties – distinguishing their garments.

Each holds a basket of opulence.

At Niii Naga's rear, some servants have stumbled, their cries for help resounding. Intriguing occurrences.

(Seeing this, I followed the path; I didn't feel the whip's lash on my back ????).

Savor my fragrance and awaken. Servants scatter flowers, heralding the continued call to the GREAT prince.

Prince Muhammad Munir, the foremost in the steps of Isah and Gaddara, bearing authority and embarking on the journey of the Sah.

He walks as if seeking permission, treading lightly upon the earth.

Nan Tashi's face greeted me with a smile, enhancing her allure; Nan Tashi's hand rose slightly in the air, acknowledging their salutations.

If stakeholders begin to showcase their skills and abilities,
The flute's melody immediately captures all attention.

Upon witnessing the prince's arrival in her village, she bowed in salutation. A gesture from the woman, and Naga stood.

In Prince Munir's demonstration, he leapt and ascended.
The horse itself was a spectacle, evoking both admiration and envy. It is the sacred steed of my grandfather Sah Modibbo.

Seeing this, all mounted their horses, accompanying the prince to the grand assembly of the kingdom scheduled for Thursday evening.

"Prince! Prince!! Prince!!!"

In general, the camp comprised women and men, high-ranking chiefs and lesser ones.

"Hmmm, the boy Nan always seems to be in trouble, what kind of demons are influencing his class?"

When the household king weds, he swears not to marry the prince until he attains power.

"Hahhhhhaaa, unless he gains a soul, he won't rule over me. I've resolved anew against him.
We now possess a new sorcerer, a devil's monstrosity who instills fear in beds; little do they know that devils and sorcerers themselves fear confronting him.

To heal the prince, even if he's not deceased,
I desire to explore the world or become consumed by it,
How did we fare when the prominent ambassador betrayed us...

There lies the minister; I wish to be indisposed, causing everyone to shun him.

As the household king departs and the demon departs, he arrives to cure the lad.

It's true, I greet you, a minister whose heart carries darkness, yet your countenance displays warmth. Whatever you are, no ruler will erase your darkness.

Place it before you, where the back of the house met your blow, and say hello.

Let's return to the beginning,
Are you certain you've perfumed the prince's horse?

I observe that it surpasses other steeds that flee from Prince Jalal's breath.

The one called and his daughter began to awaken; she hadn't the chance to wear it due to those securing the prince's horse.

Your rank is six, Princess Jalilah, how you served me, Saba qa'idah bah, even as the horse and the clanging steel echoed. I'm certain the horse will narrate Prince Munir's tale.

I shifted my gaze and witnessed a woman plucking out her eyes, much like my own.

Sanyi Taki, draped in the opulent regalia of the kingdom of Garsar and the golden chain, a sight to behold. For every woman of royal lineage, she is the queen of HURITU QUEEN AMINAH KINAN MOTHER OF THE AGE OF PRINCE ARWAN AND PRINCESS SAUDAT.

At her feet sat an old woman, intently listening to another woman who recounted the tale of her lost feet. Gazing at her own feet, the conversation continued.

If Prince Munir replicated what I did yesterday, I needn't have spoken a word about his horse.

Be with Us

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