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MIJIN BABATA NE Complete Hausa Novel Document by MIJIN BABATA NE


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Author: Ummu Ja'afar ,

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MIJIN BABATA NE Complete Document Written By Ummu ja'afar



She sat there, arranging the laundry before her, but her thoughts were consumed by the complex relationship between Babarta and her husband. The audacity with which Babarta surrendered herself to him, her eyes closed in intimate passion, was both astonishing and bewildering. It was as if any desire he harbored was her command, regardless of her own happiness, as long as it satisfied him and brought her closer to her friends.

Remarkably, she now found herself intrigued by the transformation she witnessed in Babarta. Gone were the days of disaster; instead, she observed with a mix of surprise and curiosity the evolution in Babarta's demeanor. Even the sight of Babarta's husband, too young for her and already married, no longer ignited the fear that had once gripped her heart.

Engrossed in these thoughts, she briefly snapped back to reality as he bid her farewell. Swiftly returning from her reverie, she acknowledged him, rose to her feet, and accepted the clothes he offered. Her body trembled slightly, from the moment she stood up, he had been watching her, his gaze never wavering. With her heart pounding, she moved away, and he closed his eyes, his mind engrossed in contemplation.

In the meantime, Babarta emerged from the room, wearing an outfit that accentuated her form. She radiated beauty and grace, almost unrecognizable as the same person. Standing there, she gazed at him with a tender affection, while he lingered outside, his gaze alternating between the past and the present.

A single look conveyed his desire for her to approach, an unspoken plea that she understood. Overcoming her hesitance, she stepped forward to greet her daughter. She sensed that if she didn't take this step, he might retreat, leaving her with a longing that would linger until his return. With a blush tinting her cheeks, she pressed on, gradually lifting her foot to seize his attention. As she raised her leg, he seemed to hold his breath, his closed eyes conveying a hunger beyond words.

Drawing nearer, her fragrance enveloped him, momentarily overwhelming his senses. She summoned her courage, parting her lips to offer a determined greeting, but he acted swiftly. His arms encircled her, their mouths met in a fervent kiss. Caught off guard, her initial reaction was to recoil, and she hastened to cleanse herself.

Yet, he persisted, his lips locking with hers, and her body responding despite her efforts to regain composure. Lost in his embrace, she momentarily forgot her daughter's presence beside her. His fervent passion left her weak, unable to stand against the tide of emotions. Unbeknownst to her, his every action was a reflection of his narrowed focus on her daughter, his eyes fixated on her, not veering elsewhere.

From the doorway, she raised her hand to her head and shouted with determination, "I swear, I won't turn back, even if my father opposes it." This pledge echoed as she crossed the threshold into the house.

The mother, tuned in to the radio, snapped to attention at the sound of her daughter's voice. She hurriedly rose and made her way to the room just as her daughter entered.

Inna Rabi and Inna Ladi sat in the courtyard, their mouths agape as they spoke in unison, "Is this the usual vacation?"

Alhaji Abu, alerted by the commotion, rushed over with tears welling in his eyes. He instinctively placed a hand over his heart upon hearing the news. "How are you? Come, stay, and join us in our room," he implored, his words barely pausing until Babarta interjected.

"No, she's not welcome here. Nagagi is always quarreling with her husband, making a scene by tying her clothes to him and vowing not to let him in. Shouldn't Nagaji go back to her father's house?"

Fury ignited in Alhaji Abu's response. "Are you implying I'm not her father? Let it be known, there's no place for her to go in this house. She will remain, and anyone who dares to utter unpleasant words to her shall face the consequences, even if it means removing the very carpet beneath them."

With his words, the conversation concluded, his energy fading.

Turning to Hawa, he softened his tone. "Come, take the key to my room. I haven't entered yet. Stay until your husband arrives."

Inna Rabi and Inna Ladi exchanged glances. Alhaji's servant nodded, granting him entry to a room.

As the connection was severed, she clutched the key and headed inside, her heart racing. She was elated, yearning to rendezvous with her lover. It was Babarta's husband who held the power to facilitate their meeting, a prospect that both excited and troubled her...

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