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THE SEXXY BOSS Complete Hausa Novel Document by THE SEXXY BOSS


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THE SEXXY BOSS Hausa Novel Document by Maman Teddy

The Sexxy Boss is a thrilling Hausa novel written by Maman Teddy that addresses the challenges faced by women in their marital lives. The novel is a dedication to the author's creator, Prof. Mohammed A. Bamalli, his mother, Hajiya Safiya Abdslm, and all his fans. In the preface, the author expresses his concern about the problems faced by single and married women in their marital lives. As a result, he conducted extensive research and attached stories to the novel to provide a romantic way to address the issue.

Description of THE SEXXY BOSS Hausa Novel


The story revolves around a young woman named Matan Aure, who is obsessed with money and goes to great lengths to acquire wealth. She even sells tea in her father's house, but her love for money eventually leads her down a dangerous path. The novel also features a famous, rich, young billionaire who is a doctor in reality but is known as the "Military Army" and the "Sexy Boss" in the eyes of the community. He has a dirty partner who causes problems for him and adds to the excitement of the story.

The Sexxy Boss is a story that touches the lives of married couples and women, providing insight into the challenges they face in their daily lives. The novel is written in a captivating style that draws the reader into the world of the characters. The author also warns that the book is not suitable for children under 18 due to the adult themes covered.

The book is set in various locations, including the hall of Matan Aure's house, the square of Kwartanci, and Kawalci. These locations add depth to the story and provide a sense of realism that makes the book even more engaging. The author also touches on the issue of wealth, highlighting that everything is ours, and we should ask for it and get it.

The Sexxy Boss is a book that evokes strong emotions in the reader, making them laugh and cry in equal measure. The author also warns against anyone who tries to abuse him for writing the story and expresses his intolerance towards insults from anyone. The book's ending is also something to look forward to, as the author promises that it will be just as exciting as his previous works, such as "Gidan kwarata, Bafulltanan Ruga, Kwarton manya, Walijaam, Tabarah Siyasata, dds."

The Sexxy Boss is a captivating and insightful Hausa novel that addresses the challenges faced by women in their marital lives. The story is well-crafted and engaging, providing a glimpse into the world of the characters. The novel is a must-read for anyone interested in the genre, and the author's dedication to his fans shows the level of passion and dedication that went into writing the book.



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Is not complete


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Such a excellent book


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Such a excellent book

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