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JININ ABBA NA Complete Hausa Novel Document by JININ ABBA NA


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Author: Zainab Habib Mom Islam ,

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JININ ABBA NA Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



In the grand house where I reside, I can guide you to the residence where I live. The dwelling is divided into two sections, all adorned with the same color palette. The occupants of this abode are Alhaji Haruna and Alhaji Bashir, who are bound by familial ties and discipline. Alhaji Haruna is the eldest son of Alhaji Muntari, while Alhaji Bashir is the sibling of Alhaji Yusif. Alhaji Muntari happens to be Alhaji Yusif's brother. Despite the distinctions in their parentage, their offspring enjoy prosperity and share an unequivocal love for one another. These young souls, irrespective of their parent's affiliations, spend their days together, offering prayers in harmony. The mothers of these children exhibit indifference to social norms, permitting their children's camaraderie to flourish. One fateful day, Alhaji Yusif fell victim to a transient illness, a condition swiftly and mercifully resolved by divine intervention. To express his gratitude, Haruna visited Alhaji Muntari, who had graciously cared for Alhaji Yusif during his ailment. The two young men, apart from Haruna's maternal grandparents, embarked on a journey home. Since Haruna's departure, the household landline remained unanswered, a disconcerting absence that generated public curiosity. As an esteemed daughter of the house, Haruna's silence evoked speculation, but she offered no elucidation. With a wealthier inheritance than Bashir, Haruna's father's legacy loomed large, although he indebted himself to Bashir's father following his passing. This dependence, though onerous, held a unique allure for him, sparking a rivalry fueled by familial contention.

Haruna's father's untimely demise cast a shadow over his life, eroding his sense of agency within the household. Desiring a playful companionship with Bashir, Haruna contended with the confines of a restricted existence. As young as ten, he began to defy their authority, instigating a chain of consequences. This defiance was met with a distinct form of chastisement from mother to daughter, custom-tailored to his transgressions.

As the years rolled on, distinctions between Haruna and his brother solidified. Recognizing their differences, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Over time, he started to withdraw to spaces where his name wasn't called, and as a result, he earned the epithet of a troublemaker. While his silence was mistaken for hypocrisy, his intentions remained hidden behind his expressive eyes.

Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Haruna had accrued no debt. Instead, he poured his energy into his studies, shunning the distractions of a carefree youth. Amidst life's adversities, he navigated with solemnity and resolve.

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