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HAMDAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by HAMDAH


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HAMDAH Complete Document Written By Rasheeda S Director


The car's engine noise ceased, and I knew I had to quickly rinse off the soap suds from my face. Overjoyed, I hopped a little, only to accidentally step into the toilet.

Swiftly grabbing a sponge, I scrubbed my body hurriedly, but the water refused to drain. At the parlor's entrance, I encountered Aunty Rafee'at. Still mid-natuma, she embraced me, and I exclaimed, "Oyoyo Aunty Rafee'at!"

"Ummi," who followed her, remarked, "You'd better get off my bed. It's your turn."

Descending to Aunty Rafee's room, I greeted Ummi's form with, "Oyoyoyo Ummi na."

Nafada, I relished caressing her frame. Ummi chided, "May God and I help you, Sam. You're quite the handful."

Abba, Abbu, Mamie, and Aunty Jaleela stood there, along with Mas'ud, Nusaiba, and Fauzan. Realizing Ummi had released me, I dashed over to join them all, enveloping them in a group hug. We tumbled to the ground in laughter. Aunty Rafee'at gazed at us, chuckling, and quipped, "Hamdah, you're going to squish them. But you're not growing up any slower, are you?"

"You'll forever be proud of the truth, oho," I added.

The next day, I shared, "Abba said I've almost caught up to Aunty Jaleela in terms of growth."

Aunty Jaleela pounced, and our scuffle led us into the parlor. Ummi was already seated, and I clung to Aunty Rafee'at's hand. We settled and engaged in conversation. Masa'ud chimed in, "It won't be long before you call Jaleela 'Inna's wife.'"

Amid laughter, I leaned in and asked, "Really, Masa'ud?"

He replied, "Absolutely."

Aunty Jaleela interjected, "We'll make masala with you, Masa'ud, if you dare propose to Nani."

He clapped his hands and frowned, Masa'ud retorted, "Well, how much better are you than Hamdah?"

Mamie chimed in, "Masa'ud, you'll be scrutinizing her from the car soon enough."

Masa'ud sighed and said, "Ah, Ammi, you're already eager to present me as a grown-up. Hamdah's only fifteen; don't prematurely label her an adult."

Aunty Rafee'at reminisced, "Remember when you wouldn't stay alone at night?"

He quipped, "Oh, Aunty Rafee'at, is this girl telling the truth? Yabata lfy is new and loves exaggeration. If she's upset with me, she always threatens to take a whip and give me a beating."

"Now you should challenge Mana and see if I won't punish you," Jaleela teased.

Ummi mused, "Well, the youngsters who know each other inside out have arrived."

Masa'ud nodded, "Yes, we've come to Inna'r to complain."

Ummi added, "Masaudu, if you don't eat, you'll remain a child."

"When someone learns to desire, they'll realize their worth when they're in trouble. Accept your fate and return to where you came from," Mas'ud retorted, attempting to stand. Inna interjected, "Take it easy, men."

He countered, "I don't know. Since you're unaware of how we managed it, let me explain. We pooled funds with Abdullahi and built these houses. We haven't been to town in ages. I'll just head back and forth."

Abba advised, "Masaud, don't be bothered by what our mother says."

Masa'ud laughed, saying, "Abba, it's only a meter from manhood. She's oblivious to how to address the matter. I need some fresh air."

Ummi chimed in, "Kids, you can't talk, having brought Lantai in three packages. I'm going to punish her. I'll buy it, and it'll help me grow taller and richer, and I'll be six months older while speaking."

Mamie chuckled and shook her head. She was unperturbed by Ummi's continuous commentary, having heard it for about thirty years now. Ummi persisted, but Bata wasn't fazed and even continued undressing.

Abbu's turn to speak came as Inna retrieved money from his pocket. Tears welled in Inna's eyes as he said, "Inna, here's the money I owe you."

Taking the money, she seated herself by the side of a chair. Kai quipped, "Looks like the debtor has been apprehended."

Bb, the man who dotes on you, Mata.

After exchanging greetings and well-wishes, the conversation shifted.

My mouth couldn't contain my joy at seeing my parents and siblings. I was better prepared than Aunty Rafee'at and Aunty Jaleela. Baki women weren't one to miss out on plans. 

As Abba and Abbu departed for prayers, Aunty Rafee'at shared, "Hamdah, I went to your room and prayed there. It was quite unkempt."

I laughed and replied, "Haha, Aunty Rafee'at, I always keep my room clean and even apply perfume to it. Let's go smell it now."

Taking her hand, we entered Aunty Rafee'at's room. She said, "Indeed, Aunty's room will always be impeccable."


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