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BA SONTA NAKE BA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BA SONTA NAKE BA


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BA SONTA NA KE BA Hausa Novel Document by Ummee Yusuf

Ba Sonta Na Ke Ba, which means "I Don't Love Her" in English, is a poignant and moving novel written by Ummee Yusuf. Set in the city of Kano, northern Nigeria, the novel tells the story of a young man named Abdul who struggles to reconcile his feelings for two women in his life.

Description of BA SONTA NA KE BA Hausa Novel

The novel opens with Abdul meeting a beautiful and intelligent young woman named Zara at the university. They quickly fall in love, and Abdul is convinced that Zara is the one for him. However, when Abdul introduces Zara to his family, they disapprove of her and pressure him to marry another woman, Aisha, who is from a more prominent family.

Despite his family's objections, Abdul marries Zara, and they start a life together. However, Abdul soon begins to have doubts about his decision. He starts to question whether he truly loves Zara or whether he simply married her to rebel against his family's expectations.

As Abdul grapples with his conflicted feelings, he becomes increasingly drawn to Aisha, the woman his family wanted him to marry. Aisha is beautiful, intelligent, and cultured, and she shares many of Abdul's values and interests. Despite his guilt and confusion, Abdul can't help but be drawn to her, and he finds himself torn between two women.

One of the strengths of Ba Sonta Na Ke Ba is its exploration of the complexities of love and relationships. The novel offers a nuanced portrayal of the difficulties of navigating cultural and familial expectations, as well as the challenges of balancing personal desires with social norms. It also highlights the ways in which gender and class intersect to shape the lives of its characters.

Another strength of the novel is its well-developed characters. Abdul is a sympathetic and relatable protagonist, whose struggles will resonate with many readers. Zara and Aisha are also complex and multi-dimensional characters, whose experiences and perspectives add depth and nuance to the story.

The writing in Ba Sonta Na Ke Ba is both engaging and evocative, with vivid descriptions of the city of Kano and its people. Ummee Yusuf's prose is accessible and immersive, making it an enjoyable read for both casual readers and those interested in exploring the complexities of northern Nigerian society.

One potential weakness of the novel is its relatively slow pace. The story unfolds gradually, with many scenes devoted to exploring the internal thoughts and emotions of the characters. While this makes for a rich and nuanced portrayal of the story, some readers may find it slow-moving or overly introspective.


The air was thick with the sounds of car horns, chatter, and the occasional call to prayer from a nearby mosque. Abdul took a deep breath and savored the familiar scent of roasting meat and spices that wafted through the air.

As he made his way through the crowded market, Abdul felt a sense of excitement and anticipation building in his chest. He was on his way to meet Zara, a beautiful and intelligent young woman he had recently met at the university. They had been dating for several weeks now, and Abdul was beginning to feel like she could be the one.

As he turned onto Zara's street, Abdul's heart began to race. He knew that meeting her family would be a crucial step in their relationship, and he was eager to make a good impression. He straightened his shirt, adjusted his glasses, and took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell.

The door opened to reveal a woman who looked to be in her fifties, dressed in a colorful hijab and a long, flowing dress. Abdul greeted her respectfully in Hausa, the local language, and she welcomed him inside.

As he stepped into the family's living room, Abdul was struck by its warmth and beauty. The walls were adorned with intricate tapestries, and the air was thick with the sweet scent of incense. Zara was sitting on a plush couch, looking stunning in a brightly colored hijab and a long, flowing dress. Abdul's heart skipped a beat as she looked up and smiled at him.

As the evening wore on, Abdul and Zara chatted excitedly, sharing stories and getting to know each other better. Abdul was impressed by Zara's intelligence and wit, and he found himself drawn to her more and more with each passing moment.

However, as the night drew to a close and Abdul said his goodbyes, he couldn't shake the feeling of uncertainty that lingered in his chest. He knew that his family would never approve of his relationship with Zara, who was from a less prominent family. And he couldn't help but wonder whether he was ready to defy their expectations and pursue his own happiness.

Little did he know, the choices he would make in the days and weeks ahead would have far-reaching consequences, testing his courage and resilience in ways he could never have imagined. But in that moment, as he walked away from Zara's house and back onto the noisy, chaotic streets of Kano, Abdul felt a flicker of hope in his heart. He was determined to follow his own path, no matter what challenges lay in his way. And he knew that with the love and support of Zara and her family, he could overcome anything.

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