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ARMAN MALEEK Complete Hausa Novel Document by ARMAN MALEEK


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Author: Salmaji Yar Lelen Royal Star ,

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ARMAN MALEEK Complete Document Written By Salmaji


In silence, a procession of five pristine white Mercedes Benz cars advanced gracefully. The occupants inside, displaying refined elegance, acknowledged passersby with raised hands. It was evident that these were not ordinary individuals; a sense of nobility emanated from the convoy. The convoy eventually reached a grand hospital, slowing down as they approached. Carefully, they maneuvered into the hospital's parking area, coming to a stop.

All occupants emerged from the cars, except for one that remained sealed. Gradually, the hood of this particular car was lifted, releasing a distinct fragrance of Huge Boss perfume. My attention was captivated as a figure stepped out, adorned in an ensemble that unmistakably belonged to Sarakai.

Starting from the feet, I observed the meticulous attire—a pair of immaculate white half-cover shoes, ascending to a gold-adorned cloak that veiled the entire figure. The face remained concealed beneath a turban, with only the eyes visible. These "Lu-lu Eyes" were a striking royal blue, framed by long black lashes. The man exuded beauty and elegance as he blinked, revealing the grace in his movements.

Others, identified as Fadawa, followed behind in a calm procession as they made their way into the hospital. Their arrival coincided with the entrance of an ambulance, its urgent wails prompting hospital staff to rush outside. The ambulance disgorged patients in critical condition, prompting visible distress among the medical personnel.

As the people from the convoy exited, they surveyed the somber scene, evoking tears. A doctor, acknowledging the severity of the situation, quietly remarked that there seemed to be no signs of life in the patients. Another man, expressing deep sorrow, mentioned Sheikh Arman, implying a looming danger that seemed insurmountable.

The man proceeded towards the cars, and his gaze fell upon a young girl covered in blood. Despite her distressing appearance, he noticed the subtle rise and fall of her breath. Uttering a prayer, he swiftly carried her into the hospital, urgently calling for a doctor. Dr. Dazun emerged, visibly shaken, and took charge of the girl, signaling for immediate examination.

Inside the hospital, the man laid the girl on a specialized bed and prepared to assess her condition. He carefully listened to her breathing, displaying a level of focus that rendered even the slightest sound audible. As he worked diligently, his attention turned towards a ventilator, indicating the urgency of the situation.

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