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AMARYAR ZAMANI Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by AMARYAR ZAMANI Book 1


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Author: Salmaji Yar Lelen Royal Star ,

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AMARYAR ZAMANI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Salma Yar Lelen Royal Star


She took hold of his hand, engaging in a playful exchange. Their eyes locked, and in that moment, it felt like he was embracing her. A smile adorned her face as they concluded the IV session.

"Sweetheart, drop them off at A.A's house first. I'll take you to Umma Maryam's place," she said, her gaze fixed on his face. After leaving their companions at A.A's house, the car turned towards Umma Maryam's residence. The girl playfully hushed him as they drove, the sound of the brakes accompanying their journey. It was a prelude to marriage, where they would be entwined until weariness led them to release each other. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and chuckled, teasing him, "Yes, TIME'S BRIDE, you've worn me out. I feel like a rose running a marathon," Abdul quipped, turning his head to the road ahead.

"Hmmmmm, not tired, just bidding farewell. Let's keep going," she replied, closing one eye mischievously. Her words surprised him.

"Aaaaaa, this girl talks with a neck strong enough to cut. Every day, catching you reveals what you're made of," he chuckled. She simply laughed, silently affirming something in her mind. The ceremony continued, and after its conclusion, he wasted no time in departing. She entered the house, calling out.

"Umma, where are you? I'm coming to see you," Meerlas, Umma's daughter, who was not much older than Miemien, quickly responded.

"Bride, are you coming now?" Miemien smiled and nodded.

"Yes, definitely. We just finished the IV session. I'm exhausted. Yesterday, you didn't call me to join you. Why not?" she said, touching her face and feigning sadness. Meerlas laughed, teasing, "Oh, today I encountered AMARYA ZAMANI. Now just saying that will make you cry. Yaya Abdul really amuses me." She smiled and added, "Let's run around the parlor." They playfully chased each other, with Meerlas laughing at her antics. Umma, hearing the commotion, came out, took Miemien's hand, and said with a warm smile.

"Come, let me cook you a delicious chicken. Don't say no again, my dear."

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