ZURFIN CIKI book 1 Complete Document Written By Jamila Umar Tanko


Ummi is moving energetically, playing her songs while running and occasionally incorporating jumps into her movement. Ummi is known for her swift running and has never been seen walking slowly. As she continues her lively activity, she notices someone approaching from the other side – a girl named Fiddausi.

Fiddausi, with a mischievous tone, remarks, “Woman, here comes the paradise data to provoke me.” She positions herself in front of Ummi, holding her waist. Confused, Ummi questions, “Who? Are you teasing me?” Fiddausi denies provoking her, speaking in a fearful tone. However, Ummi suddenly grabs her by the neck, accusing her of saying something disrespectful.

Fiddausi insists that she didn’t say anything to provoke Ummi, pleading for forgiveness. In the midst of this confrontation, Ummi tightens her grip on Fiddausi’s neck, who, in pain, exclaims that she belongs to God. Fiddausi eventually falls to the ground, claiming that Ummi is hurting her. Ummi coldly declares, “Did you see it? Bye-bye. You don’t pay me.” Fiddausi starts crying, and Ummi instructs her to run home.

Ummi then reflects on her actions, mentioning that Fiddausi was holding peanut butter, implying that there was no room for leniency. Ummi sits down and exclaims, “A man! A man!!” Suddenly, she opens up, revealing that Abba, likely her father, mimicked this action. However, she realizes that she’s not safe, as Abba will likely search for her. Ummi decides to run to the old woman’s room, who is engaged in the afternoon prayer.

Jumping over the old woman, Ummi enters the room and hides under the bed. The old woman, unaware of Ummi’s presence, continues her prayer. Additionally, the old woman is described as pregnant with the flower of an old Keson, which may be a metaphorical expression. Ummi remains hidden as she contemplates her safety.

Later, when Abba leaves to wash his soul, Ummi seizes the opportunity to escape to the old woman’s room. She reflects on the potential consequences of her actions, anticipating that Abba will be looking for her. However, the room she enters seems to be a place of refuge.

The scene transitions to a conversation between Abba and Umma, where Umma expresses her fatigue with Ummi’s behavior. Abba defends Ummi, attributing her actions to the old woman, who is revealed to be Ummi’s sister. The old woman, apparently engaged in a fight, emphasizes that she won’t back down even if Abba intervenes.

Fiddausi’s mother, introduced as a character, enters with Fiddausin. Fiddausin, holding her city, complains about Ummi’s actions. Abba asks for confirmation from Umma, and the old woman defends Ummi, stating that her behavior is influenced by her sister.

The scene concludes with the characters gathered around, and the old woman pouring city for them. Tensions ease momentarily, but the underlying conflicts and dynamics within the family remain palpable.

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