ZUMA SAI DA WUTA Complete Document Written By xarah Bukar


In his office, four individuals were discussing issues related to terrorism and kidnappings across the country. Four of them were wearing police uniforms, while the fifth person, a man around thirty-seven years old, was dressed in a charcoal gray and navy blue suit, with a full head of hair and pale skin.

After their discussion, they said their goodbyes and left the office. As Guntun Tsaki looked at his phone, he noticed missed calls from Aunty B and Hajiya. He sighed, knowing the reason for their calls. He retrieved a file with Ummi Ajiki’s name and the “missing” stamp, and began to review it.

Then, a handsome young man named Salim Abbas, approximately thirty-three years old, entered the office. Salim greeted him, but Tsaki didn’t respond kindly, mentioning that he disliked working with drunkards. Salim was angered by the remark, feeling humiliated after returning from a three-week suspension.

Tsaki continued, warning Salim about the consequences of future misconduct. Salim left the office, seething with anger. Tsaki focused on the file containing Ummi’s pictures, trying to locate her as she had gone missing. He closed the file and left the office, sending a message to Aunty B to come to their house.

Meanwhile, at the home of Hajiya Laurat, her eldest daughter Aunty Bilkisu tried to console her. Hajiya was anxious about her son, Mujahid, who had not yet found Ummi. She expressed concern that if they couldn’t find her, Mujahid might be disappointed. As Aunty B tried to assure her, they were interrupted by the arrival of Shingide’a, the elder, looking distressed.

Shingide’a overheard Hajiya’s words and became concerned. He vowed to find Ummi, hoping that wherever she was, she wouldn’t be found easily. Distraught, he accidentally hit the glass of his car in frustration before heading inside the house.

Feeling burdened with various problems, Shingide’a lamented the challenging situation he was facing.

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