ZUCIYA Complete Document Written By Khadija Muhammad Shitu


A deranged man staggered forward until he collapsed before her. She glanced up, locking eyes with him, and suddenly her senses snapped to attention as he regarded her in a peculiar manner. Anxious, she uttered, “Hamma, are you alright?” He opened his eyes and muttered, “There’s an issue, Fulani.” Bewildered, she inquired, “What’s the matter?” Unaware, she failed to notice tears streaming down his face. Seizing her hands for the first time, he gently closed her eyes, tending to her emotional well-being. Overwhelmed, she bombarded him with questions, pleading, “Hamma, what’s happening? Tell me, so my heart doesn’t shatter.” Though his words were soft-spoken, confusion led her to tears as she cried, “Hamma, don’t die, please! If you die, I’ll die too.” Compassion gripped him, leaving him uncertain. His smile conveyed, “Fulani, why are you shouting? You’re fragile.” Choosing not to elaborate, he wiped away her tears, offered her water, and resumed their journey in the car.

Not venturing far, they arrived at the intended destination behind the garden. She, drained of energy, retrieved her belongings and stepped out of the car. Hamma addressed her softly, “Nafisa.” Shyly responding, she murmured, “Hamma.” From his pocket, he produced a ring, handing it to her, instructing, “You can leave. Keep the ring safe and concealed.” Silently complying, she refrained from speaking to avoid him changing his mind. As he departed, she, in a weakened state, continued walking, feeling uneasy. Passing Fulani huts, she reached her home, exchanged pleasantries with a woman, and handed over money. In distress, she heard, “Nafi, you’re risking your life. You brought home new money from Nafi’s mother; how much?” She denied the accusations, assuring her it was only earnings from selling milk and fur. Though skeptical, her mother accepted her explanation, showing her the chores she needed to do.

After completing the tasks, Nafi received the soup to sell, departing with tears in her eyes. Exhausted from a long day, she reached the spot to sell tuwon. Inna Hure confronted her about not promoting her business, accusing her of hypocrisy. Losing patience, Nafi denied any wrongdoing, leading to a heated argument. In anger, Inna Hure physically confronted her, threatening consequences if the money wasn’t handed over. Realizing her mistake, Nafi tried to mend the situation, but Inna Hure subjected her to further humiliation. Despite Baffa’s presence, he remained silent.

Saidaata, exhausted by the chaos, retreated to her hut, leaving Nafi and Baffa outside. Physically drained, Nafi struggled to stand, attending to Baffa before returning to her modest hut. As she lay down, her tears flowed, calling out Sanna’s name in anguish.

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