Greetings to our sister Umm Jawaheer,
Congratulations on your marriage, and may God grant you peace.

To all the schools that have been following us since the beginning of this book and providing comments, though their number is unknown, we thank God for the friendship.

Once upon a time, in a world long ago, the entire world was plagued by troubles. People, animals, and even kings lived in constant fear due to the widespread violence and diseases. It was an age when most people had to become heroes or sorcerers to protect themselves from the constant threat to their lives. The strong survived, while the weak perished, and wealth was often taken by force.

In these times, people reveled in violence and bloodshed, and a man’s ability to fight determined his worthiness to marry a beautiful woman. The children of this generation grew up with the constant threat of violence and bloodshed, and even siblings turned against each other.

Amid this chaos, a great kingdom emerged, known for its formidable warriors, wealth, and prosperity. This city was called Madaril Adfam, and it thrived on trade and commerce. It was a haven of peace where people could live without fear of brutal attacks. The credit for this peace went to the just and honorable king of Madaril Adfam, named Munnar.

King Munnar despised injustice and dedicated his life to removing the oppression that plagued the world. He had no heir to inherit his throne, and as he grew older, he began to worry about how to continue his legacy. He consulted a trusted advisor who assured him that his needs would be met and that his dream of ending injustice would come true.

The advisor prophesied that the king’s wife, Princess Nursiba, was pregnant and would give birth to twins, a boy, and a girl, who would fulfill his dreams. King Munnar eagerly awaited the birth of his children.

One day, Princess Nursiba went into labor and gave birth to the twins, a boy, and a girl. The king was overjoyed and celebrated their birthdays every two weeks. He also distributed his wealth to the poor, as he didn’t know its true extent.

The twins, named Walis and Wali, became the center of their parents’ world. They were adorned with magic cloths that made them immune to harm. The king and queen raised them with love and care, and the twins resembled their parents greatly.

As they reached the age of five, Walis and Wali were taught the arts of divination and warfare. They quickly mastered these skills and became extraordinary fighters. The war king of the city, Huram, was amazed by their abilities and took them under his wing for specialized training.

Under Huram’s guidance, the twins excelled and showed exceptional compassion for others, unlike the children of their era. The people of the city believed that Walis and Wali might become modern heroes in the field of heroism.

One day, the war king, Huram, approached King Munnar with a proposal to personally train the twins as guardians. He believed that they needed his direct training to become true warriors. King Munnar welcomed the idea with a smile.

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