She sat alone in her room, struggling to put her thoughts into writing. The night was unusually quiet, interrupted only by the distant rumbles of a gathering storm. Zeenatu, a fearless journalist, persisted in her work, undeterred by any looming threats or dangers.

As she paused to gather her thoughts, Ahanakali, her mother, entered the room. Zeenatu glanced up momentarily, her mother expressing concern over her daughter’s relentless dedication to her work, urging her to prioritize rest and safety.

Zeenatu responded with a reassuring smile, insisting that her faith in God’s protection would shield her from harm. Ahanakali, understanding the passion that drove her daughter’s journalistic pursuits, empathized with her resolve while expressing her own worries.

Reflecting on the struggles that paved her way to becoming a journalist, Zeenatu reminded her mother of the challenges she had faced, yet how her determination had propelled her forward. Ahanakali, acknowledging her daughter’s fervor, implored her to stay safe and vigilant.

With a heavy heart, Zeenatu contemplated the risks involved in her profession, pondering the uncertainties that lay ahead. After a heartfelt exchange, Ahanakali retired for the night, leaving Zeenatu to her thoughts and prayers.

Later, Zeenatu awoke from a troubling dream, haunted by visions of danger and imminent harm. The vivid imagery of a forest, an elusive CD, and a terrifying predator left her in a state of anxiety. Seeking solace in her prayers, she sought divine protection and guidance for the challenges ahead.

The following morning, Zeenatu prepared to face the day, bidding her family farewell as she set out for work. Meanwhile, Mallam Yusuf Nadabo, Zeenatu’s father, originally hailing from Niger, had a humble beginning, working as a security guard for Alhaji Badamasi. Despite their modest means, Mallam Yusuf and Aura Sa, a nut seller, found love and eventually tied the knot. Their struggle for survival persisted, with their son Aaron’s birth bringing a brief respite before his tragic passing.

Their story of perseverance and resilience resonated deeply, shaping Zeenatu’s own journey as she navigated the challenges of her chosen path.

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