ZAYYANA Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


A broken-down jeep beckoned to you,
Across the street, the Marsandi company parked,
A recluse in a Kano city corner.
For onlookers, unable to see inside,
The car’s tinted windows concealed its guest.
Late in the night, the front door creaked open,
Revealing a graceful lady stepping out,
Her gait akin to an Arab dancer’s moves.

Outside the car, sand gracefully slipped,
As it fell from her elegant sandal,
Symbolic of the flowing water’s grace
In the dawn of God’s blessed city, Azahar.
Though called “yellow water,” it persisted,
Even when the sun had only reached three.

The car door widened, and another figure emerged,
A tall and striking arrival, akin to a snake.
A true beauty to anyone’s discerning eye,
With legs as enchanting as those of an Arab.
Yet, her heritage was contrary to appearances,
A secret only known to her and her kin.

She stood at the car’s door,
Adjusting her vibrant red scarf,
Her silk dress flowing elegantly,
And she revealed a white lemon-like object,
A water sprinkler, an earthly beauty’s gift.

Not far away, four beautiful girls sat inside,
Wearing white shoes reminiscent of Arabian children.
Their faces showed signs of wisdom, and their allure was undeniable.

“Wait here for me,” she said to them sternly,
“Look not again at the moon, return home,
Tell mother we seek the girl’s father.”

With that, she slammed the car door, annoyed,
And hastened towards the recluse in the corner.

This beauty’s name was Fadila,
And within a day, she would marry Faisal,
The man she loved above all else,
Ignoring the rumors and gossip that surrounded them.

Faisal admired the art on her hand,
Delicate floral patterns, exquisite in black and white.
Fadila beamed with joy, grateful for his praise.

Amused, Faisal asked about the design,
Unaware that a talented artist named Daoud,
Known as AMARA, was the true painter.
Fadila lied to protect the truth, but Faisal’s jealousy stirred.

In English, Faisal teased her playfully,
As they made their way to the recluse’s house.
Fadila wished for a design to confuse Faisal,
As she had on their first wedding day, unknowingly unaware.

Approaching the house with caution,
Fadila noticed its quietness and was relieved.
Her mother’s wrath over the design still lingered,
A sentiment she sought to avoid.

Fadila’s day unfolded, filled with emotions and secrecy,
As she ventured forward, navigating life’s complexities.

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