ZAN RAYU DA KE Complete Document Written By Feedohm


The gathering was replete with attendees catching glimpses of bikini bottoms that belonged to those wearing naira. Top-class girls were twirling in the center of the venue as a pungent odor wafted through the hall. On the opposite side, two girls sat contemplating. One contemplated checking her iPhone 6, but the hall was not the right place for it.

Mc, the bride’s best friend and sister, beckoned for them to come out. Upon doing so, the two friends exited the hall, creating a commotion. As she spoke, the atmosphere hushed, akin to rainfall. Meanwhile, some young men on the side were shouting inaudible remarks.

Amid the chaos, a voice rang out, “Feenah… nothing.” With a steely gaze at the hall’s occupants, she identified herself as Safeenat Khalid Mudassir. The room echoed with the clamor of people’s reactions. She paused before revealing, “I inspected the naira owners’ bikinis and discerned a distinction within the groom’s family. Look at the opulence evident in their lace-adorned footwear, costing no less than 20 thousand. Feena?”

This revelation provoked the bridegroom’s sister, who rose angrily, intending to confront the humiliation. However, her friend intervened, guiding her away. Feena smiled, issuing a parting remark, “Barta Maryam… let Shegiya’s father regret her birth!”

Advancing forward, Feenah attracted the attention of Ishaq, the groom’s friend. He approached her, requesting a brief conversation. She responded with a smile, slapped him playfully, and continued, leaving the hall amidst the uproar.

In the aftermath, as he pondered her rejection, Ishaq remarked, “Well done. That’s your answer. It’s futile to care for someone who doesn’t recognize human worth. Next time, consider her attire before expressing concern.”

Undeterred, he departed, leaving the bride in tears, regretting the invitation extended to Feenah. The bride expressed frustration and vowed to scrutinize relationships more closely.

Inside, she encountered her paternal grandmother, who was sipping from a swan rubber. The grandmother questioned Safeena’s demeanor, and Aunt Fati brought a tray, offering hospitality. Safeena’s response suggested a strained relationship with her family, questioning her dignity and familial ties.

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