ZAN FASA KWAI Complete Document Written By Hadiza Bara’u Gidan Iko



“Talai Wai, where is she? She stormed in, burdened by past humiliations, and left me. Did she say something hurtful? The elderly woman rushed in as if drawn by her anxious mother’s call. Though she appeared to be over sixty years old, she moved surprisingly swiftly, stumbling slightly and falling to the ground.

She spilled Mata harara as she tried to speak. “Hey Hajiya, I apologize. I was in the bathroom, and I’ve been hearing your calls since yesterday. My stomach is in knots, and I can barely move…”

“I thought you were looking for something, that’s why you started showing me what you were looking for. I’ve been trying to reach you, rightly so. You must have been confused. It’s alright. You’ve got a wawab, and you went inside saying something about a bag? Something hurt the old woman’s heart, Jin Wai today. She called with a bag, but somehow, God had suggested that her food should be devoured by this woman’s bones.

“By God, help me get up, take my bag to the car, and drive me like you have a TV remote.”
The determined old woman snatched her handbag, despite Isa and Izza trying to stop her.

Of course, after the old lady left, she seemed on the verge of tears upon hearing what Mata had said. Diya hadn’t married her, but merely because she was a working girl, she endured all sorts of humiliation as if she had brought poverty to the world.

She opened the car, placed Mata’s bag inside, and turned to head back inside where she came from. “I pardoned you, and you’re trying to turn things around? What are you doing at Nan’s house? Is your old man’s bed in there?” The old woman lowered her head and apologized.

“I asked if your ex’s bed is in there?” “Yes, there’s no need to be sorry; forgive me.”
She spilled Mata harara.
“When I come back to get the tile washer, it didn’t come out, so you have to change it every month, and your money will be paid.”
“I will take care of it, Haji.”

She put the car in neutral and drove away.

The old lady turned around and began washing the tiles as if she was about to start it all over again, but the pain in her stomach and the laundry overwhelmed her. Shinfida vomited and had diarrhea near where Harira was cooking. The helpful woman brought some saltwater and cleaned the old woman with the power of the Lord.

Later in the evening, Hajja returned to where she had left. She was fine. But what then? Then came the cause of the trouble, especially the window of the washing machine, where the poor woman began to feel sick, leading her to fall and spill the commercial water on Dole. Afterward, the poor woman got up and washed her clothes.

Harira looked at her. “I’m sorry, Hajiya, by the way. She’s been sick, lying down all day, struggling with vomiting and diarrhea. Let me finish washing…”
She chose to listen to the other woman.
“I asked if you’re a good girl, can you? Get out of here, or now you’re crazy. You bastard, why would you join someone else’s plot…”

The old woman got up, tied her box, and came out just as Hajiya was coming in. The lady of the house looked at her with concern due to her misfortune.

The old lady welcomed her to the place, and she drank the blood of her body.
Hajiya Mama asked, looking at Talai, “Are you sick? By God, you have vomiting and diarrhea…”
She examined Talai’s face, clearly worried.

“And because you don’t value people, you didn’t think of going to the hospital when your mother was missing? What kind of idiot are you? Men would take you to the hospital if you had stomach pain, but women don’t do anything. Your family hasn’t taught you anything.”

“I’m sorry, Hajiya Bari. Why is he acting like a chemise?”
“Are you going to the hospital now that you have a stomach ache? Talai said, ‘Hajiya, I feel better, but we have to go.'”

“Alright, go get some water, Miki. Can’t you see how you are? So, the driver took her to the hospital, where she was given water and medicine. They returned home, and the mother broke her nose and took her to her son’s house.

“I have a story about all the bullying you subject your employees to. Who do you think you are, mistreating them just because they work for you? Today, in the year 12, I came to Amma’s house because she’s missing a guest, and I’m tired of asking for forgiveness. I’m not here today.”

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