He walked at his usual measured pace, exuding an air of princely confidence. Dr. Umar Salees, a young and strikingly handsome doctor, carried himself with the grace of royalty. His appearance commanded attention; his mere presence turned heads. Umar’s features were akin to a work of art. His face, resembling that of a model, was graced with sharp, chiseled features and an exquisite nose that perfectly complemented his beautiful countenance. It’s safe to say Umar was a magnet for admirers, drawing the attention of women and arousing envy among men. If God had made him a woman, he would have been the talk of the town. He was simply irresistible, and his name was enough to make hearts flutter. But the intriguing part was that Umar often wore a serious expression, seldom breaking into laughter. His smiles were a rare sight, reserved for moments spent with his childhood friend, Sadeeq.

Sadeeq had been his closest friend since their early years, and their bond remained unbreakable. Aside from Sadeeq, Umar seldom displayed any hint of joviality. His countenance was typically closed-off, drawing the curiosity of many from afar. Umar was like a lion; he didn’t need to roar to make his presence known. 

Sadeeq couldn’t help but tease him about it, joking that if Umar’s face was designed like a sura or kamala (traditional Nigerian wooden masks), he could write a whole book about it. #lol😜

Umar swiftly reached their office and hung his lab coat before heading to his desk. He bid farewell to Prof. Sa’idu, who was engrossed in his work. Prof. Sa’idu raised his head, removed his glasses, and inquired, “Why the rush, Umar?”

Umar, showing utmost respect, responded, “I apologize, Professor. I was called home for an emergency just before we entered the operating room.”

Prof. Sa’idu, who knew Umar’s straightforward nature, nodded understandingly. He knew Umar would always speak the truth, no matter how challenging it might be.

“Very well, you may go. But ensure you return promptly, and remember, we have rounds at the hospital later.”

“God willing, I’ll do my best, Professor.”

With that, Prof. Sa’idu dismissed him, and Umar swiftly turned and entered his office. The door seemed to offer some resistance, and it took some effort for him to open it. Just as Umar settled into his office, Dr. Sadeeq arrived. They hadn’t seen each other in a while, and Sadeeq couldn’t help but tease Umar.

“Are you okay?” Sadeeq asked with a smirk.

Umar rubbed his eyes and forehead, clearly a bit tired. He lowered his hand and joined them together, a gesture typical of his culture. Sadeeq couldn’t resist teasing him further.

“Oh, Umar, why so serious? You greet me like an Indian,” he chuckled.

Umar managed a faint smile but didn’t say much. Sadeeq prodded him, concerned.

“Hey, Umar, what’s going on? Why didn’t you say anything to me? You shook my hand like it owed you money.”

Sadeeq playfully teased Umar, knowing that his friend had a unique way of expressing himself with hand gestures. Umar bit his lip and calmly explained, “I’m sorry, Sadeeq, I’m in a hurry.”

Curiosity got the better of Sadeeq, and he inquired further, “In such a rush? Where are you off to?”

Umar ran a hand through his hair, contemplating how to share his concerns with Sadeeq. He knew that if he didn’t explain now, his friend would be worried. So, he began to reveal the reason for his haste.

“My father called me just before we entered the operating room. He wanted to see me urgently. When I arrived home, he had a serious matter to discuss. Given our busy schedule, my heart couldn’t settle, and I couldn’t sleep. I need to hurry back.”

Sadeeq reached into his pocket, retrieved his car keys, and handed them to Umar, saying, “Here, take my car and go. Hurry.”

Umar patted Sadeeq’s shoulder and assured him, “Don’t worry, my friend. I’ll be home soon, God willing.”

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