Despite the dense fog in Moscow, the Aeroflot-Plus flight successfully landed at Sheremetyevo Airport. The weather conditions were unfavorable, with limited visibility forcing the pilot to descend cautiously. The only thing he added to the challenging situation was the presence of snow. However, the pilot was aware of the potential danger an asthmatic person with a cold could pose to his health, as it could worsen his condition significantly. The aircraft parked slowly until it came to a complete stop.

Inside the plane, passengers eagerly released their seat belts in an attempt to disembark. The pilot took a deep breath, feeling the exhaustion in his body, and checked the time on his wrist: 1:15 am. He rose gently from his seat, hands in his suit pockets, walking slowly towards the Vip side. As he walked, he pondered why his two companions hadn’t come out yet. Was everything alright with them? Could the cold weather be affecting their health? He uttered, “O Rabb, here is your servant,” while opening the door to the VIP area and quietly stepping inside.

Suddenly, he halted as he saw one of his companions lying on the sofa. The person showed no signs of getting up; their eyes were closed, and their hands were folded on their chest. They appeared to be sleeping peacefully, and their delicate features, with a few strands of hair falling gracefully on their face, resembled that of a woman. Zain, the other companion, looked at Abeed, his birth partner (Twins), with eyes filled with pure love and affection.

Approaching Abeed, Zain gently placed his hands on his chest and separated them. Silently observing, Zain noticed Abeed’s slow breathing and grew concerned. He withdrew his head, hesitantly wondering, “I don’t know what’s wrong with my Biyuni. Is he hiding something from me?” Zain firmly believed that Abeed wouldn’t conceal anything from him since they shared their lives together. Assertively, Zain picked up Abeed’s iPhone and discovered twenty missed calls from Riya, who had been trying to reach Abeed. Troubled by this, Zain apologized to Riya, assuring her that he would take care of the situation. He placed Abeed’s phone in his pocket, expressing, “I love you, Biyunina.”

Zain then noticed the change in Abeed’s eyes—from blue to a dark red color. He quietly observed but failed to comprehend the significance of this transformation. Trying to remain calm, Zain asked, “When did you wake up?” Abeed seemed hesitant to respond, briefly opening his mouth and pressing his fingers against Zain’s face. In a slow voice, Abeed replied, “From ‘I love you’ said.”

Abeed stood up, unlocking his suit. Zain’s smile was filled with respect, recognizing that Abeed, his birth partner, was indeed a unique and irreplaceable presence in his life. Abeed’s existence revolved around three people: Zain, Mai Martaba, and Naila. Abeed’s physical appearance, tall and fair-skinned with red eyes, no longer displayed worry but rather focused solely on the well-being of his two companions. He was straightforward and genuine, incapable of deception. When he said “yes,” he meant it, regardless of who he was speaking to. Honesty was ingrained in his nature.

Zain admired Abeed’s pure and innocent face, especially the hair falling over his forehead, which distinguished him from Zain. The difference between Abeed and Zain was evident, allowing anyone to recognize them. However, there was something Abeed was hiding from Zain, and that would be revealed the following day.

Abeed entered the train’s restroom, walking slowly with his hand in his pocket. He closed the door, feeling overwhelmed by the weight of his impending fate. Abeed’s mind was filled with concern about how Zain would react to this news. The thought consumed him, preventing him from finding solace in sleep, as the signs indicated that his time on Earth would come to an end in five months.

Softly, Abeed heard a knock on the restroom door, accompanied by the voice of Aman, his friend, asking, “Hey, my friend, is everything okay?” Abeed remained silent, gathering himself. He quickly washed his face and mouth, noticing a moment of blood-stained vomit. Opening the door, he stepped out hastily, moving forward without stopping, as he knew Zain didn’t want to comprehend the situation fully. Zain conveyed his admiration for Abeed solely through his eyes.

Just as Zain was about to leave, he caught sight of the inhaler Abeed had previously taken out but then placed back. Within the plane’s confines, Abeed stood with his head down, his face filled with tension. He avoided looking directly at Zain and instead gazed into the distance. Zain noticed a battery that Abeed had secured, seemingly holding significant meaning. Zain smiled and asked, “Can I call her?” Abeed remained silent once again. Zain proposed, “Shall we?” At that moment, Abeed raised his eyes, which were slowly returning to their original white color. Afraid of meeting Zain’s gaze, a sign of his unspoken needs, Abeed hesitated. Zain lifted his head and uttered, “Ya Rabb, I almost forgot, I swear,” while extending his hand.

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