A large vehicle filled with jubilant students celebrates their high school graduation as it bears the emblem of the Government Girls College Bauchi (G.G.C.B). 
Their joyful journey home is accompanied by spirited tunes playing in the background. Among the passengers is a young girl, feeling unwell and resting on her seat as the vehicle makes its way through the town. 

Upon their arrival, an eerie silence envelops the streets, with barely any signs of life or activity. Waiting for transportation to their respective homes, the students grow increasingly fatigued. Eventually, they disperse, each embarking on their own path. 

The girl, named Yesmeen, gathers her belongings and sets off on foot. Along the way, she witnesses the unsettling sight of Muslim homes ablaze, adding to the sense of fear and disquiet. As she navigates her way through the charred streets, she arrives at her family’s house, only to find it reduced to a ruin, with no signs of life or activity around. Despite the devastation, she remains resolute in her determination to find a way forward.

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