Hamza and Ishak are both businessmen, while Umar works for the government. They all reside in a house divided into separate sections, with two bedrooms and a living room each. Their mother also has her own part of the house.

Hamza Lami’s wife tends to be argumentative, but Hajiya is fond of her. In contrast, Ishak’s wife neither quarrels nor takes care of the house.


Husna and their parents were all young when tragedy struck, leading to their parents’ untimely death in a car accident. Despite this, Husna and her brother Umar pursued their education diligently. Surrayya’s son became a nurse, while Husna became a primary school teacher.

However, conflicts with their paternal relatives arose due to interfamily marriages and Husna’s relationship with Umar. Despite his love for her from a young age, their families opposed their union. The situation escalated when Umar’s parents disowned him, leading to a rift in the family. Surrayya’s home became a haven, while Umar faced a similar situation.

Husna possesses an alluring charm, occasionally wearing revealing clothing. She and Umar exchange affectionate nicknames and cannot hide their feelings for each other, regardless of their surroundings.

Inside Husna’s house, their intimacy sometimes becomes evident, leading to morning tensions when Hajiya, their mother-in-law, brings them breakfast. During one night, they were sitting close in the living room when Hajiya and Salam Buba noticed them. Husna lay on Umar’s lap as they conversed, discussing her clothing, which had ended up scattered on her lap.

Saida broke the silence, nibbling on salad, and remarked, “Ah, this is the way of a woman’s servant.” Husna greeted Hajiya and Umar introduced himself, saying he’d stay for a while. Hajiya replied, “Stay as long as you like, as if you’re alone.”

Upon entering their room, Umar donned a jalabiya, and Husna teased him, saying, “Unzip your fly.” Umar responded, “Leave your clothes on,” as he unzipped his fly, playfully swatting her neck. Husna playfully asked, “Umar, are you coming out?”

After exchanging pleasantries with Hajiya, she joked about Umar, saying, “This one will break my eardrums with his commands.” Before she could finish, Umar playfully intervened, “That’s enough. Why don’t you come because you’re here? You’ve been married for a long time, and you love her, I apologize, you won’t have any competition from me, no other shegen.”

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