YARO DA KUDI Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


In a cramped room, a young boy sits with his friends, engaged in a heated argument that eventually unites them. The focal point of their discussion is the scarce provisions, primarily consisting of bread, which are dwindling, leaving them with a sense of scarcity.

Seated in shabby attire that doesn’t complement his appearance, he resembles a disheveled figure. His posture, with legs crossed like a woman, is conspicuous. Holding a cigarette, he emits smoke thoughtfully, seemingly disconnected from the mundane matters. Born into a financially stable family, untouched by the claws of poverty, their secular lifestyle is indifferent to religious constraints, a trait shared by many in their household.

NASIR AL’HUSEN, a notable figure in the family, is characterized by his disregard for religious pursuits. Having spent eight years studying education in America since the age of sixteen, his focus lies more on academic endeavors. Despite his past involvement with alcohol, he has now abandoned such indulgences, spending quality time with friends.

Hidden from his parents, he believes they lack understanding. However, his father’s comprehension leads to prayers for him. His mother, Sam, a compassionate woman working as a health nurse, is portrayed as understanding and supportive of her son. The family’s close-knit nature revolves around Nasir, who stands out for his generosity, humor, and amicable demeanor.

The narrative shifts to the romantic interests of two girls, Hasina and Mubina, within Dan’s family, engrossed in a rivalry, even fighting over trivial matters like hair. The object of their affection, referred to as Sam, remains oblivious to their affections.

Mansur, approaching Nasir, humorously discusses their plans for the day, presenting a fresh perspective. Banter ensues, touching upon personal preferences, relationships, and secrets. Mansur, known for his laughter, playfully refers to Nasir as a “CHILD WITH MONEY,” emphasizing the influence of wealth in relationships. The conversation unfolds with a mix of jest and seriousness, revealing glimpses of their intertwined lives.

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