Gazban, a city flourishing with its people, stood as a beacon of pride and prosperity. Once boasting an unmatched kingdom in terms of opulence and beauty, the town’s just and beloved ruler, King Umar, was renowned for his fairness and integrity. Despite his age of 76, the absence of any visible signs of aging made him appear no older than 50. Having amassed great wealth and earned the respect of his people, King Umar safeguarded the realm with unwavering commitment.

His two sons, Ahmad and Abbas, were the pride of his kingdom. Ahmad, the elder, had married the daughter of the King of Agadaz, Sultana Bilkisu, while Abbas had wed the daughter of his late brother, Sultana Sadiya. The citizens of the kingdom held the royal family in high regard, admiring the humble and generous nature of Sultana Bilkisu, and noting the contrasting demeanor of Sultana Sadiya, who harbored aspirations for a male heir.

Upon the birth of Ahmad’s daughter, Asma’u Ammah, the entire emirate celebrated joyously, marking the occasion with a lavish display of wealth and festivities. Sultana Sadiya concealed her disappointment, longing for a son of her own. Meanwhile, Sultana Bilkisu, three years later, gave birth to a beautiful son, bringing immense happiness to the family.

In a moment of candid conversation, Sultana Sadiya expressed her concerns to her husband, Sultan Abbas, about the potential implications of Ahmad’s son ascending to the throne. She insinuated her apprehension, while Sultan Abbas, filled with affection for his cousin’s family, reassured her of his unwavering support. He also emphasized the unpredictability of fate, refusing to be disheartened by the circumstances.

As Sultana Sadiya departed in anger, Sultan Abbas, disappointed by her attitude, silently hoped for her understanding in the future. Meanwhile, the young child, named Umar by his majesty and affectionately referred to as Suhail by the people, began his journey into the world.

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