Two lovely young women sat in the garden, each with a lemon placed before her. Yesmin, visibly upset with her friend Kubra, had brought her to the garden. Kubra, unaccustomed to such places of leisure, was known to be of humble means and associated with a questionable reputation. “Take care, for God’s sake,” Yesmin murmured to herself.

Yesmin was a breathtaking beauty, with luscious chocolate-colored skin, delicate pink lips, and enchanting golden eyes. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows added to her allure. She was a sight to behold. Any man, upon setting eyes on her, would be entranced.

Attempting to engage Kubra in conversation, Yesmin found her friend distracted and distant. Kubra, with a hint of panic in her voice, mentioned the presence of someone significant in the garden. Yesmin, observing the bodyguards approaching, advised a hasty departure to avoid any unwanted attention.

“Yesmin with her flowing locks turned to Kubra, “I don’t know what to do. Please guide me. Even if he is of noble birth, we were admitted without payment. Let’s not cause any trouble. My mother wouldn’t approve.”

Kubra’s heart sank as she realized Yesmin’s genuine concern for others and her aversion to conflict. Glancing out the window, they noticed Prince Ashman alighting from his car. Aida, quick to act, pulled Yesmin, suggesting they move to a different spot, away from the commotion.

Yesmin, catching sight of the prince’s approach, felt a pang of anxiety, anticipating his possible reaction. Observing Prince Ashman’s arrival, she marveled at his stunning features. With a distinct aura of confidence, he exuded an irresistible charm that captivated those around him.

Approaching Yesmin, Prince Ashman scrutinized her, his fingers lightly brushing her face. In a stern tone, he asked, “Who are you?” Yesmin, unable to comprehend English, looked back at him with a furrowed brow.

Infuriated by her lack of response, Prince Ashman resolved to teach the seemingly ignorant girl a lesson. Asserting his dominance, he placed his foot on hers, causing her to wince. The scent of his cologne filled the air, leaving Yesmin momentarily enchanted.

Distressed, she mumbled, “Enough. This is unacceptable. I will not endure mistreatment,” addressing the arrogant prince with disdain in her eyes.

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