In a small village, neither far from Baifi nor Habiba’s home, there lived a girl named Sahiba. One sunny day, she visited her friend Habiba, who had been eagerly awaiting her arrival. Habiba was known for her quick wit and was always ready with a smile. As soon as Sahiba entered, she greeted her warmly.


“Welcome, my dear friend,” said Habiba with a cheerful grin.


Sahiba returned the greeting, “Thank you, Habiba. I’m so glad to be here with you today.”


Habiba led Sahiba inside and offered her a seat. They chatted and laughed, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. The warmth of their friendship was evident to anyone who saw them together.


As the day went on, Sahiba turned her attention to a matter that had been on her mind. She hesitated for a moment, then finally spoke up, “Habiba, I have something important to discuss with you.”


Habiba looked at Sahiba with curiosity, “Of course, Sahiba. You can always talk to me. What’s on your mind?”


Sahiba took a deep breath and said, “I have been thinking about our future, Habiba. We are growing up, and soon we will face many challenges in life. I believe we should make a promise to always support each other, no matter what.”


Habiba nodded in agreement, her eyes filled with determination. “You’re right, Sahiba. I promise to be there for you, and I hope you will do the same for me. Together, we can face anything life throws our way.”


Sahiba smiled and replied, “Thank you, Habiba. I have no doubt that with you by my side, we can overcome any obstacle.”


Their promise to each other strengthened their bond, and they continued to cherish their friendship as they grew older.


Years passed, and Sahiba and Habiba faced the challenges of life with courage and resilience. Their friendship remained unwavering, a source of strength and support for both of them.


In the end, it was their unwavering commitment to each other that helped them navigate the ups and downs of life. Their bond was a testament to the power of friendship and the importance of having someone you can rely on in times of need.

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