She walked quietly into the hall of their house, playing hide and seek with her friends. Her footsteps were barely audible, and she moved cautiously.

As she entered, she accidentally bumped into something in front of her. She froze in her tracks, realizing that the hall was too dark for her to see clearly.

She referred to the person she had bumped into as “Grandma,” and a heated exchange ensued. The person she called Grandma responded with annoyance, accusing her of stepping on her foot. The argument continued, with the girl defending herself.

Despite the argument, she continued to walk through the house. Unfortunately, she once again stepped on someone’s foot, causing more frustration and anger.

The pain from the encounters caused her to urinate involuntarily, and she felt humiliated and pained.

She cried out in pain, asking for help from an old woman present in the house. The old woman chastised her for not watching where she was going.

A man named Mahmud also scolded her for not paying attention and causing the accidents. He accused her of being a careless thief and threatened to make her pay for her actions.

The old woman intervened, trying to calm the situation. However, the girl’s cousin, Dije, began crying in the hall.

The girl rushed out of the room to check on Dije, but Mahmud, still frustrated, taunted her. He accused her of deliberately causing trouble for Dije.

Back in the hall, the girl accidentally stepped on Mahmud’s foot again, further fueling his anger. She cried out for help from the old woman, who tried to console her.

Mahmud, however, blamed the girl for the incidents and accused her of being shameless. He also criticized the old woman for always defending her.

In response, the old woman chastised Mahmud for his behavior and told him to leave their house. She explained that the girl’s actions were unintentional, and it was not her fault.

Mahmud eventually left, and the old woman comforted the girl. She suggested that they go to the hospital to check her eyes and contact her father for help.

As they examined her eyes, it became clear that the girl had not actually been blinded. Mahmud had played a cruel prank on her by pouring water on the ground and pretending to blind her.

The old woman scolded Mahmud for his actions and told him to leave. She comforted the girl and advised her to rest.

Shortly after, a woman arrived with her young child, seeking the old woman’s assistance. She explained that her son had been mistreated, and she was seeking justice.

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