YAR FILLO Complete Document Written By Nabilancy Luv


Her mind reclined, preoccupied with her blossoms, as she hummed tunes in the language of her forebears.

Saiji’s call snapped her back to the present.

She froze, as if savoring the lingering aroma of his cologne on his hand.

Whose scent did she associate with it? Perhaps her friend, Abdul Hamid, whom she fondly dubbed the city’s confidant.

A smile graced her lips as she remarked, “I see you’ve returned, dear city’s friend.”

Withdrawing his hand from her face, he extended it slowly, dropping to one knee to meet her gaze, captivated by her radiant countenance.

She set aside the basket of plucked dates, eyeing him with astonishment. “City’s friend, when did you come back?”

In a raspy tone, he replied, “We arrived in your village just today, with only a single bag.”

“But you came alone, didn’t you?”

He shook his head, gesturing towards something behind her, and uttered, “Take a look at that.”

Turning slowly, her gaze fixed on him, a pang tugged at her heart.

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