YAR BOKO Complete Document Written By Ayusha Iliyasu


Neenarh found herself immersed in her studies, seated in the school library alongside her friend Ummy, both focused on revising their lectures. As the time for the congregation prayer approached, they headed towards the central mosque on campus, where it was challenging to resist the call to prayer.

Just as they reached the mosque, Neenarh’s phone began to ring, and she saw that it was Zuhra calling. Answering the call, Zuhra inquired about their whereabouts. Neenarh explained they were on their way to the lecture hall, urging Zuhra to save them seats. The clock struck 2:00 pm, the scheduled time for the “INTRO TO POLITICAL SCIENCE” lecture, a daily routine in the political science department.

The Musa Abdullah Auditorium, a massive hall accommodating at least a thousand students, hosted lectures for various departments, including economics. Their lecturer, Mr. Abdulmalik, was known for engaging students in discussions and testing their understanding through random questions.

Despite their continuous assessment being at stake, Neenarh and Ummy found themselves caught up in three consecutive lectures, with intervals between each. This limited their ability to keep up with their other courses.

During a break, Ummy noticed Neenarh’s weary expression and suggested they take a seat on a bench. It was then that a young woman approached and greeted them. Neenarh, not having had a restful night, was not in the best spirits. Ummy explained their department, and the woman, indicating a nearby window, mentioned they were there.

Later, at the cafe, Zuhra crossed paths with them while they were registering for their courses. The conversation continued, and they decided to head to the bank together to make necessary payments, cementing the beginnings of their friendship.

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