YA MACE KYAUTAR ALLAH Complete Document Written By Ashmaad


I didn’t knock on the door forcefully, but the sudden noise made them turn around to see who had entered. Afeefah walked in, tears streaming down her face. Someone shouted at her, remarking, “You’re not needed here.” In response, she calmly returned the gaze, tears still flowing. Adnaan, seated beside their elder brother, intervened, questioning her for crying when she had been alone all her life and lacking a job. He urged her to finish whatever wrongdoing she was accused of and warned her against causing trouble at home. He speculated on whether she had lost a parent, suggesting, “Are you a girl without a mother or father?”

Afeefah’s silent response did not sway Adnaan, who insisted on preventing her from settling in the house if she continued to provoke anger. Ignoring her, Adnaan failed to notice Ma’mee raising her hand towards Afeefah. Sensing the tension, Afeefah’s tears continued to flow as Adnaan insisted on not letting her stay.

Aliyu, observing the situation, implored Ma’mee to be patient and continue talking to Afeefah. Adnaan remained defiant, expressing frustration that Afeefah wouldn’t reveal her actions. In a fit of anger, Aliyu commanded Adnaan to be quiet, but when he turned around, he realized there was no one there. Afeefah contemplated her actions, considering how to make amends. Eventually, she opened the door to find Jiddah, who had witnessed the entire scene. Aikam Charaf Afeefah spoke, questioning whether fighting was not enough.

Jiddah, signaling that enough had been said, opened the room door and left, with Afeefah trailing behind to discover where she was headed. They reached Mami’s room, where Jiddah informed Mami about Afeefah’s situation. Mami scolded them, and Afeefah tearfully explained that she was teased by men while fighting on the road.

Afeefah, the fifth daughter of Hajiya Zuwaira, had three younger brothers who were all women. Their father, Alhaji Umar, was a secretive businessman living in Kano. Mami, the second wife, had seamlessly integrated into the family after the death of Alhaji Umar’s first wife. Despite the tragedy, Mami became a mother figure to the children. The family faced challenges, with Afeefah experiencing teasing and a confrontation that led to her emotional state. The dynamics of their family unfolded, revealing the complexities of relationships and the impact of past events on their present lives.

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