The following morning, at the break of dawn in Zaid, he arose to perform the morning prayer. Meanwhile, Ramlah lay there, wrapped in exhaustion and suffering, her body consumed by a high fever.

Hariya Mike tended to the household chores, quietly moving about the servants of Amman, as the night before, he had commenced tying his wife, following the principles of Islamic tradition.

Gently, he began to caress Ramlah’s hair like one would comfort a child. He bent down to rouse her, breathing softly onto her face. In his tender voice, he uttered, “My beloved, dear Ramlah, it’s time for the morning prayer.”

He continued to move lower, towards her neck, but the heat radiating from Ramlah’s body indicated a fever much stronger than any discomfort. He swiftly withdrew, embracing his wife.

Feeling her pain, he said softly, “Forgive me, my dear Ramlah.” He beseeched God, “Afili Yafara Mata Dua, As’alillahil Azeem rabbil arshil Azeem anyashfiyaki.”

Ramlah’s eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing a distant gaze. Her body was utterly drained, and she withdrew her arms, silently concealing her tears.

She reached out for Azaid, bewildering him. He trembled, not knowing what had transpired. Baijira, puzzled by the strange occurrence, approached them cautiously. Suddenly, the mirror of Adon caught his attention, and one of his phones began to ring.

Quickly, he stashed the phone away in his pocket.

Dr. Aminah DA, roused from her slumber, answered the phone call. Hearing the voice on the other end, she hastily rose and responded with utmost respect, “Your Excellency, your wish is my command.”

Azaid implored, “Dr. Aminah, please come to my residence immediately. My dear Ramlah is unwell.”

Dr. Aminah replied, “Of course, Sir. I shall arrive in 20 minutes.”

Azaid hung up and found himself standing at the entrance of the grand mosque located within his property. It was time for the morning prayer, and the congregation had gathered.

Azaid, in his remorse, whispered, “Ramlata, I apologize profusely. It was all due to the folly of Dana Mulmulaki yesterday. I deeply regret it. But Soyyrki was the one who kept me from leaving Kihuta.”

The bathroom was filled with water for Ramlah’s bath, although her exhaustion and disinterest rendered her unresponsive to any advances.

As the warm water flowed into the tub, Ramlah demanded, “Hurry, hurry, please.”

Azaid consoled her, “My dear Ramlah, lie down and relax; let me assist you in bathing.”

With one bathrobe adorning him and another covering her, Azaid escorted Ramlah to the bathroom. As he began his bath, he smiled gently at her. He eventually undressed and entered the water. 

Helping her wash, he retrieved a towel and tenderly draped it over her.

But a slip of judgment led Ramlah to move from the bathroom to her bed, disrupting their moment. Azaid chuckled, offering an apologetic smile. “Forgive me, my beloved.”

The ensuite toilet was in dire need of cleaning, and Ramlah, who had initially refused Azaid’s advances, had not the strength to resist now.

As they prepared to go to bed, Azaid encouraged her to pray. “My dear Ramlah, let us offer our prayers and then rest.”

In earnest, he turned to face Mecca and began to pray, momentarily distracting Ramlah. He finished the prayer with a smile and whispered, “I apologize once more, my beloved.”

Ramlah’s body soon sought warmth beneath the blankets, leaving only her face uncovered. Azaid kissed her lips affectionately, declaring, “I love you, Ramlah.”

His phone suddenly rang. Dr. Aminah was already on her way, and he confirmed her arrival. Ramlah rearranged the bed while Azaid stepped outside to receive the doctor and her husband.

As they exchanged pleasantries, Azaid conveyed his apologies to Dr. Hydar for the early morning interruption. Dr. Aminah’s husband, Dr. Hydar, dismissed it as a non-issue, and they all laughed.

Azaid, leading the way, invited them into Ramlah’s bedroom. The doctor assured Azaid not to worry about disturbing her rest.

Dr. Aminah, despite recognizing the peculiar circumstances of Ramlah’s situation, did not raise any questions. She simply focused on her medical duties, her husband oblivious to the situation.

The mystery remained concealed in the shadows of Ramlah’s room.

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