TSAUTSAYIN TAUNA Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



In a burst of anger, he raised his voice and retorted, “Why are you asking me with such disrespect? Should I go steal and bring it to you or Yaya?” The woman he was addressing, around 35 years old and visibly unhealthy, clutched her waist while approaching him. Her body displayed the harsh effects of extreme poverty. She confronted him, saying, “Why don’t you steal and bring for me? By God, you’re not acting like a man.”

Mr. Haladu stared at her in silence, refusing to engage further. He swiftly left the scene. As he exited, he glanced at Aisha, a girl of about twelve years old, who shook her head in dismay. Aisha spoke up, her words revealing a concern for her father’s inability to secure employment. She likened her father’s situation to Hansatu’s husband’s challenges.

“Mama, is dad not looking for a job? By God, it’s as if he wants his heart to wither away, just like Hansatu’s husband who bakes cakes,” Aisha voiced her frustration while her lips trembled.

Her mother replied, “Hey, how should I know? As long as he says he’s making an effort, I won’t complain. It’s not his fault; he’s simply struggling because we married him when he had nothing. Poverty seems to run in his family.”

“Mom, let’s start saving. Once we’ve saved enough, maybe we can use it to invest in selling coal,” Aisha suggested optimistically.

“But Aisha, it’s not that simple. Do you think working as a maid is just as easy as cooking at home? Everything has become so expensive, and it’s taking a toll on me,” her mother explained, struggling to make ends meet.

Aisha clenched her teeth and left the house, expressing her frustration. Meanwhile, Mr. Haladu tirelessly searched for employment, even considering work on construction sites. Eventually, he ended up near a food vendor’s shop, where he was berated for not working. Mr. Haladu danced to the vendor’s orders, displaying his submission. He was given the task of cleaning up and washing dishes.

Once he completed the task, the vendor handed him one hundred and fifty and offered a small portion of leftover food. With a heavy heart, Mr. Haladu made his way home, burdened by his wife’s misfortune.

Upon entering, he found Aisha’s mother praying Azhar. Surprised, he commented, “I didn’t realize it was time for Azhar already.”

“Haladu, did you manage to find anything for us?” Aisha’s mother inquired eagerly.

Mr. Haladu gestured to a place to sit and advised her to turn a bowl upside down. Aisha’s mother trembled as she turned the bowl, revealing a generous amount of rice inside.

Excitedly, she asked, “Where did you manage to find this for us?”

Mr. Haladu hesitated before revealing, “I worked at the food vendor’s shop. I did their chores and earned this.”

Her hand clutched her chest as she exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!”

Mr. Haladu explained, “By Allah, I spent my time at the food vendor’s, washing dishes and doing their tasks.”

Aisha’s mother, touched by his efforts, picked up the meat from the food and saved it separately. Mr. Haladu’s heart ached at her actions.

He left the house and headed to the mosque, while Aisha returned home at night. She complained that her father didn’t buy her biscuits like other parents. Aisha’s mother gave her a comforting smile, saying, “He’s facing poverty, my dear. Be patient with him. Today, he brought us food, including meat.”

Joyfully, Aisha danced, celebrating their first taste of meat in a long time. Their evening meal was blessed, and Aisha prayed for their portion. Afterward, she reminded her mother to pray Fajr, but her mother was hesitant due to her past neglect of prayers. Aisha’s mother worriedly retreated, fearing Aisha’s scolding.

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