In the halls of A.B.U Teaching Hospital, Nurse Hamdiyya’s determination shone as she emerged from the labor room, her face so radiant with joy that I could hardly see her features. I paused, gazing at the expansive hospital grounds, even though it was night. The solar lights here illuminated the area so brightly that it felt like day. Nurse Hamdiyya’s voice called me from behind, and as I turned to face her, I could tell that she had good news. “She’s in the room with her baby now. You made it in time,” she said, ending her call.

Without delay, Nurse Hamdiyya proceeded to the room where the mother had given birth. Even without her words, it was apparent that this woman was the wife of a prominent figure in our country. Nurse Hamdiyya watched over Hajiya Salma as she drifted into sleep and offered a heartfelt prayer. “Alhamdulillah, may God grant your wishes. It’s been twenty years of marriage, and this year finally brought an addition.”

Her attention then shifted to the sleeping baby. However, as she touched the baby, a sense of dread overcame her when she realized the baby wasn’t breathing. In her haste, she dropped her mobile phone, and it shattered on the tiled floor.

Without pausing to retrieve her phone, Nurse Hamdiyya attempted to resuscitate the infant, her tears flowing freely. The baby, still lifeless, took hold of her phone, which had fallen to the ground. Unable to revive the infant, she urgently called for assistance.

“Yes, they’re both safe. We now have a daughter,” a voice from another room said. Nurse Hamdiyya was overwhelmed with emotion as she joined the man, her body swaying, her eyes filled with tears. She implored, “Please, lend us your phone. I called Ujila, and it seems that he’s with me.” Frustrated, the man reluctantly handed her his phone and followed Nurse Hamdiyya with a quizzical look. He glanced at those present and realized the harsh reality of poverty these unfortunate people faced. They were struggling, trying to attain the prosperity that God had denied them.

One of the men spoke up, “Let me inform the village about the childbirth. If they come or bring us a bag of corn, it will ease our poverty.” Observing Nurse Hamdiyya, he could see the desperation in her eyes as she said, “Please help us, sir. Hajiya Salma, Alh Abdullah Shuwa’s wife, has just given birth. It’s taken them more than twenty years to have a child. I had informed them that everything was fine, but now, as I went to check on the baby, I found her motionless. I’m in a state of panic. They will blame me for reassuring them.”

Mr. Kadarko’s demeanor turned cold as he reluctantly handed his Nokia phone to Nurse Hamdiyya and headed to the restroom, where there was no cover. She dialed a number, spoke with someone, and as she lost her mobile phone, the person on the other end answered and began dialing the number of the wealthy man in question, Alh Abdullahi Shuwa. She heard Malam Kadarko clap his hands in frustration and say, “I’ll wait. Gimtse has called.”

In a pious manner, he remarked, “This is the man you’re talking about, the owner of my house, Alh Abdullahi Shuwa. I’ve served him for five years now. He’s a noble man. I reside in his younger brother’s house. He’s bestowed the joy of a firstborn son on his wife, and they’ll forever be blessed. This has been going on for twelve years, and no one but Umar Farouk.”

Nurse Hamdiyya couldn’t bear to let them down. She said, “Let me understand, sir. Please wait for me; I’ll be right back.” He turned toward the room where his wife lay, finding her asleep, which presented the opportunity for him to take the baby and exit quietly. Nurse Hamdiyya found her where he left her. “Let’s go and exchange her for my daughter. I’ll switch the stillborn with the living one. Sir, is there no problem? We’ll give them the living child and leave empty-handed.”

Together, they entered the room where Mrs. Salma lay asleep. Slowly, Nurse Hamdiyya prepared to replace the deceased infant with the living one. Mr. Kadarko held the baby ready to be exchanged. With determination, they left the room and descended the stairs. Rain was falling, and thunder rumbled, but just as the live baby was placed in Nurse Hamdiyya’s arms, she began to cry out.

“Alhamdulillah, sir, their baby is alive, and she’s crying!” Nurse Hamdiyya exclaimed, a joyous smile on her face. Mr. Kadarko remained silent, refusing to speak. It was clear why he chose to stay silent, and Nurse Hamdiyya acknowledged this. “Sir, let’s go inform the father and the daughter.”

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