Your story begins in a world filled with ignorance, injustice, and evil. Powerful rulers dominate weaker nations, reducing them to slaves and humiliating them. Only the strong, the wealthy, and the sorcerers have any semblance of freedom in this age.

To safeguard their countries, wealth, and dignity, kings must gather their armies from across their lands. Expansion and the accumulation of wealth are paramount in this era, and five countries stand out as powerful and renowned: Persia, Kisraa, Misiraa, Rum, and Syria.

Persia, with its vast population of around five hundred million, is a formidable nation. The devil Kumairu, known for his cunning and ambition, aspires to become the king of all kingdoms and rule the world. He employs one hundred and sixteen sorcerers to help him achieve this goal, and his methods are often considered satanic and diabolical.

Maridu, Kumairu’s son, shares his father’s dream of world domination. They seek to bring everyone under their rule, even partnering with witches to accomplish their objectives. Egypt, too, plays a role in this ambitious scheme, as demons and devils aim to conquer the world.

Amidst this turmoil, a sword and a map of a small city hold significance. A beautiful woman, driven by her dream, seeks to find her place in this chaotic world. As she approaches the room where these objects are kept, she encounters a young warrior who emerges from the map.

Together, they hope to uncover the secrets hidden within the map and the city it represents. In this world, Syria stands as a common country, rich in population and wealth. However, its ruler is neither noble nor a warrior, nor does he possess the unimaginable wealth of the world. In this age of uncertainty and ambition, your story unfolds.

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