The bedroom exudes beauty and spaciousness, adorned with exquisite bedding that exudes elegance.

Every element in the room blends seamlessly in creamy white and gold stripes, instantly capturing your attention. The room’s ambiance is further enhanced by the soothing hum of the air conditioning, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

However, what might surprise you is the state of disarray that prevails, despite the room’s overall aesthetic charm. Even the soft white bedsheet and the comforter at the foot of the bed lie in crumpled disarray. Stains and mysterious blemishes seem to have invaded every surface, making it hard to label them as mere dirt.

In the center of the bed, a young woman sits, her gaze averted as though she’s trying to disappear into herself. Her arms clutch her knees tightly against her chest, concealing her face. Her hair cascades in long, tangled strands, resembling intertwined threads. It reaches down to her feet, almost hiding the long, slender fingers under its shroud. She wears a long, flowing gown, a fabric like liquid silk, its value evident even as it seems to contort with a painful grip.

If you listen closely, you can hear her sobs, faint and feeble, a sound devoid of strength, a manifestation of her weakened spirit. She cries, tears flowing ceaselessly, until even she loses track of their origins. It’s as if her tear ducts have become fountains.

Seeing this, she abandons all hope of any rescue or support, resigning herself to the unrelenting course of her life.

Although the door to the room creaks open slowly, she’s aware of its movement. She raises her head, her beautiful face, despite the agonizing trials she endures, maintains a kind of beauty that’s indescribable and impossible to overlook. However, a closer look reveals a marked change in her countenance.

They lock eyes, as if today were their first encounter, though he is her brother. He chuckles, removes his hands from his pockets, and strides into the room, shutting the door behind him. His laughter continues, while she watches in silent rage, her heart beseeching the heavens for divine intervention.

He drags a stool to the front of the bed, sits facing her, and rests one leg on the edge.

“Do you believe there’s something you can do to thwart my plans? Or that you can escape so easily?” Her eyes widen again, blinking back the tears that hadn’t fallen, as he continues, “I have no tricks or strategies, and I lack the ability to extricate myself. But I can reach out to everyone, hold sway over them, even beyond my death. I hope for peace and tranquility in your life, that you may reap more than you sow.”

He lowers his gaze briefly, offering a small smile before rising. “Dina, put your trust in Him,” he says, taking a few steps closer to the bed and sitting at its edge. She draws her legs close, hugging them as if warding off a snake.

With her legs folded, he studies her face, then smiles and laughs once more. “I love you, and I don’t want to stop loving you, unless you step into your own domain, your sanctuary. You’ve exceeded your bounds, and now I need these things more than you do. Surrender them to me, and I will leave you to live in peace.” Her head shakes as tears flow, feeling as if he’s about to kill her, her faith constantly wavering. Is this Adam? What has happened to him? Have dark forces inhabited his body?

In this form, he appears as a stranger she’s never encountered, even in her dreams. Sleep, which he once cherished, now seems elusive. Tears well up in his eyes when she falls ill, keeping him awake when she needs him the most. Has he turned against her? She can’t help but question, but he always reassures her that he is her faithful servant.

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