SILAR DA NAMIJI Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


In the vicinity of *HINDAT GOVERNMENT GIRLS COLLEGE SCHOOL*, I witnessed a swarm of girls exiting the premises. The secondary school, located in Sokoto, is a modest government institution. In the city of Albarkatu, the atmosphere is particularly vibrant, marked by an air of liveliness and excitement, which contrasts sharply with the difficulties and challenges the students face on a daily basis.

A young woman wearing a sari hurried along the familiar path back home. Amidst her quick stride, she heard her friend Anata calling out to her, “Deeyam, Deeyam, let’s have a chat!”

Despite the interruption, she continued on her way, brushing off the antics of the mischievous boys who persistently bothered her day in and day out. Neera’s boyfriend changed as frequently as the days passed, much to the frustration of her friend Saida, who watched Neera’s struggles closely.

Saida approached Neera and remarked, “Oh Deeyam, every day Akatashi doesn’t know where to go. Why don’t you choose your path and stick to it?” As they settled in the car, Anazuwa joined them and they set off, with Haris at the wheel, dropping them home.

Concerned about Neera’s predicament, Uffan parted ways and headed towards her own home, unsure of what to do.

Her behavior was no surprise to him, and he knew that no matter what happened, she would never agree to get into his car.

Living in a modest household among the less privileged, Deeyam and her family had their own share of struggles, but they maintained a sense of secrecy and unity. While tending to some scattered items in the kitchen, her mother emerged from the bathroom, asking, “Are the schoolchildren home yet? Dear, stop this playfulness, take off your uniforms, relax, have your meal, say your prayers, and then go about your tasks.”

“Okay, Mom,” Deeyam responded.

Her father, entering the scene, praised her, saying, “God bless you for giving me a daughter worth more than a thousand sons. We are truly blessed with our children.”

They exchanged smiles before bidding their mother farewell.

Neera recounted their conversation in the car before arriving home. Saida noted her father’s secret affirmation and proceeded towards Kaitsaye, her mother not prying into her troubles.

Upon reaching Mamar’s side, Neera pushed her mouth shut and replied, “Nothing, just tired,” leaving her mother, Abunta Umma, feeling perplexed.

Mama Hanna simply shook her head and resumed her chores, silently praying for the well-being of her children, especially Neera.

Their household consisted of two of Alhaji Shu’aibu’s wives, Mariya and Jamila. Mariya had given birth to three children, two boys and a girl, one of whom passed away at a young age, while Jamila had five children, a boy and four girls. Among them, Neera and Jasmin shared a similar life, their world filled with joy and contentment. Neera, in particular, was the center of attention, known for her stunning looks and a graceful demeanor. Despite being only 12 years old, she had already garnered widespread admiration. With her age at 16, her radiance and charm were undeniable. Many eyes followed her every move. Abba was striving to improve her upbringing, but Umma adamantly refused, determined that her daughter should not be restricted.


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