She reclined on her bed, adorned in an ash-colored nightgown, earbuds snugly fitted, serenaded by DJ-AB’s track titled “DA SO SAMU NE.” Her mind was at ease, free from the troubles of life, as she chatted peacefully. It was evident that the conversation had brought her joy, redirecting her focus entirely. Indeed, it felt like a regal morning.

“Sofy! Sofy!! Sofy!!! Oh, I’m Fiddausi. This girl has entirely dedicated herself to this life. Let’s say she’s a person who does nothing but listen to music and chat on her phone day and night. Sofy, you don’t understand, my dear,” she exclaimed while patting her on the back. Sofy turned around, startled and fearful.

“Mom, you scared me! I didn’t realize you came in. I just heard you pat me,” Sofy exclaimed.

“You should be more careful, Sofy. Blaspheming God is not a good attitude,” her mother chastised her.

“Oh, Mom, now you’re acting as if I’m always in the wrong. Don’t you see how happy I am? Is chatting really such a crime? Besides, I’m not a child anymore; I’ve completed my degree. So, Mom, isn’t it time for you to reconsider our marriage…”

“Sofy, you’re saying this now, but as your mother, I will never stop telling you the truth. You need to wake up and change your ways. By God, Sofy, if you continue with this behavior, no one will be able to live with you, not even Aliyun. So, snap out of this slumber and start acting responsibly. Did you even pray the Isha prayer? Fiddausi, dear, Sofy, how long will you delay your prayers? You used to be so diligent. Do you even know what time it is now?” her mother inquired.

“It’s still within the prayer time,” Sofy responded.

“Well, since you said that, get up and pray. Once you’ve finished, you can access the network…”

Sofy reluctantly rose from her bed, went to perform ablution, and then offered her prayer. Afterward, she resumed chatting and listening to her music. She continued chatting without interruption until 1:00 AM, then retired to bed. Her sleep was peaceful, and she didn’t wake up until 7:30 AM. After praying, she went back to sleep, having little involvement in household chores due to her busy husband’s presence. In her view, she wasn’t truly awake until 11 AM. Sofy got up, took a bath, and donned an elegant English-style outfit consisting of a shirt and skirt that suited her well.

“Mom, I’m off to sleep,” she called out.

“Alright, Sofy, did you wake up alright?” her mother inquired.

“Yes, Mom. Did you prepare breakfast for us today?” Sofy asked.

“Yes, I made tea and eggs for us. Now get up and go pray,” her mother replied.

“Okay, Mom. And by the way, Aliyun said he’ll be coming to see me later.”

“Well, God bless you, my dear. Now, go to the kitchen and prepare some food for him. It’s alright; we still have three months until your wedding. If you decide to wear a bikini, will your father object? You should head to the kitchen now,” her mother advised.

After enjoying her breakfast, Sofy readied herself for the day, wrapping herself in a beautiful scarf. She paid attention to her attire, and as she dressed, she admired her appearance in the mirror. She felt lovely and confident in her outfit.

“Mom, I’m heading out now,” she called out.

“Alright, Sofy. Be safe, and make sure you return home early,” her mother responded.

Sofy met Aliyun, who was looking lively and healthy, and they enjoyed a meal together. Later, she took a long shower, meticulously applying makeup and choosing a stylish outfit. Sofy was known for her beauty, and her final look left her glowing. After finishing her makeup, she selected a stunning ash-colored dress with stripes and put it on. Sofy had always been fond of the color ash. The dress accentuated her figure, and she tied a matching pink scarf around her waist. She added a touch of perfume as the finishing touch.

Asabe reminded her to apply lipstick, and then Sofy headed to her mother to inform her of her plans to meet with Aliyun.

“Peace be upon you, may God’s blessings be upon you. I see a handsome man standing before me,” she greeted Aliyun with a smile. Aliyun was very handsome with fair skin, and his eyes and nose caught her attention. She continued, “Amen, peace be upon you. You bring joy to my life. Please, come and have a seat. I’ve missed you so much.”

Aliyun took the chair across from her, a smile gracing his face. He was a man who walked with faith.

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