SAI NA GA RAHMA SADAU Complete Document Written By Imam Bandirawo


I was sitting on a bench outside the house, around 4:00 p.m., studying and contemplating the book I planned to publish. Suddenly, a young man greeted me, introducing himself as a stranger who had trouble finding my house. He had been wandering all day.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that he and his companions were from a rural area, not Palestinians as I initially thought. He asked if I was the one he was looking for, and I confirmed that I was indeed the one he sought. I invited him inside and provided him with water and lunch.

The young man introduced himself as Rabi from the village of Dalli in Shira local government. He shared that he had a friend at school who read my book to them, and they were pleased with it. However, Rabi couldn’t read or write himself, which disappointed him. He expressed admiration for my work and wished he could write as well.

We engaged in a playful conversation, and Rabi narrated his life story. His parents, Mr. Baru and Mrs. Goggo Tani, were farmers. He described himself as a servant of God and felt neglected by his parents. They mistreated him, and he had never even seen them before.

At 18 years old, Rabi had an infatuation with a celebrity called “mercy,” collecting her photos, movies, and songs. He felt a strong connection to her and yearned for her more than anything else.

Later that evening, around 8 p.m., I left my room with a small bag of belongings. My mother noticed and questioned why I was carrying so few clothes. I cryptically told her that I was going to find “mercy” and began my journey.

My father tried to stop me, but I persisted and left for the bus station. After taking a bus to Azare and then Kano, I eventually met “mercy” and was filled with excitement. However, the driver of the car we were in was driving recklessly, causing concern.

Despite the challenges, I was determined to meet my idol, “mercy,” and was ready to embrace the journey ahead.

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